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My car Is a 1998 Honda Accord 4cyl VTEC I want to put in a New Header for it but it says.........Non-VTEC 2.0L Inline 4-Cylinder N/A Engine..... on the part description does that mean i cant put it in my car here is the link if you want to know what i am talking about


posted by  bigman101

much better!
Sorry i still don't know the answer.
give it at least 24 hours before most users will see it, it might take a week or more before a real knowledgeable person replies. patience is your friend

posted by  dvdrose18

Chances are it will, but then again it might not. Honda likes to **** around a lot with their exhausts, so while the header might bolt on nice and dandy, it might not be long enough for your trim level's exhaust system, or the runners might be round instead of oval, the bolt spacing might be different, etc. Just get the right part the first time out, it will save you hassle. By the way, that header also looks like a shit product, another eBay brand-knockoff. I would look for something from a reputable company like DC, Greddy, etc. etc. I wouldnt be surprised to see that one crack very quickly, and not fit right (even when installed on the proper application that they say its good for). The good stuff costs more because it works, and works well, knockoff companies try to copy the design of good parts, but they dont have the same engineering teams and such to do it well, so a lot of times, shit wont fit, or it will rub, or just break.

My advice is that even if you find out that it will fit, get a quality product, that one looks like turd. You generally get what you pay for.

posted by  newyorker

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