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Okay guys so Im lookin aroiund for a beater and I found an 88 Prelude Si 2.0.

I just took a few looks at it but I have some questions before I go test drive it.

Its red and the paint is shit, but a buddy owes me a paint job so that'd be fine, Id just have him redo it for me.

Interior is in good shape.

I didint notice and rust.

He claimed it was an 87 but after popping the hood and looking at it, its got some kind of DOHC motor, or at least by looking at the Valve cover it looks like one.
My buddy guessed it was a B20A5, which would make it an 88 right?
Im pretty sure it was a 3rd gen body style but I wasnt lookin that closely at the body.

The seller claimed it smoked. I figured at 110K miles its prolly a headgasket as I wouldnt suspect and kind of ring damage, maybe leaky valve seals.

I havent driven it yet Im going back this weekend to drive it and I can get it for 1K, oh and its a 5sp manual.

So what do yall think? Any comments? What kind of mileage do these things get? Sorry I dont know jack shit about most hondas so Im kinda in the dark?

Good buy?
Parts expensive?

posted by  Enthusiast

I've had a few of those, but I haven't had an 87/88 before. Does it take premium fuel? If so, it won't get very good gas mileage. I don't remember those cars having a valve seal problem generally. Good luck with it.

posted by  enigmanuma

I had a 89 Prelude Si. Yeah the motor is a dohc B20A5. Those are good strong cars that were built to last. Before I got rid of mine it had something like 205k miles on it. If it's cheap I'd grab it.

posted by  Spanky2324

Well I decided against this prelude, cause it needs a tad bit of work and I just really want to hurry up and get the maro in the garage. It sucks having all the parts and not being able to install them.

All I need now is a cheap old oven for the powdercoating.

Im going to look at a 1990 5 series thursday.
160K miles. 30K on new motor and a lil less on new tranny paint and interior are in great shape.

1200 dollars woo.

Cheap car shopping is so much fun. Me and my buddys have a blast going to the crappy parts of town and looking around, you find the weirdest cars.

posted by  Enthusiast

Worried about repairs, so now you're looking at a two decade old BMW? Uh, might wanna go checdk out that Prelude again.

posted by  jedimario

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