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I've "redecided" what car I'd like to get to a CR-X (probably a 1991), due to their reliability, low cost, easy/cheap upgrades, and very low weight (which would help a lot in autocross). And of course, I was interested in doing a motor swap, since it would be dumb to try and make any power out of the stock engine. However, for the money and ease of swapping (and later upgrading), which is a better swap: a 2JZ-GTE or a RB26DETT?

Yes, I know the motor is expensive, but I don't know of any other readily accessible car to buy with similar weight, price, and aftermarket/swapping possibilities.

And while I'm asking about CR-X's, is there any model of the CR-X that was available to the US that provided any upgrades (other than the engine, since they will be useless when I do a swap) over the base model?

posted by  magus57

good luck getting a RWD or AWD drivetain into that car, let alone fitting those big motors into that bay

did you just put in the 2 coolest motors you know to impress us??

posted by  newyorker

Yeah, because I really want to impress somebody buy swapping an engine in a CR-X.

And it's not impossible if people have managed to get a F20C in a CR-X, which is RWD. Obviously it would take time, work, and money, but I'd just like to know how much of it for one or the other. If it's really not worth my time or money to do it, then how about some suggestions for pretty much the best motor I could put in a CR-X for the money (which means it's reliable, doesn't require huge amounts of work to swap, will give a worthwhile performance upgrade, and is easy to upgrade too).

posted by  magus57

2JZ all the way man!

posted by  fudge

Your best bet is either a K20a2/K20a/K20z3 or a B18 from a GSR, or USDM/JDM Type R Integra.

Dont get me wrong I have even seen an AWD drivetrain slapped into a CRX, but all of the fabrication isnt worth it really, especially when more unique swaps have been done (A guy in the tristate area has one with a helicopter jet engine).

Stick with a K20 (not the a3) or a B18 (not an LS motor)


yes its real

posted by  newyorker

Okay, what about a H22A? My friend told me it's better because of more torque.

posted by  magus57

Well thats a popular one as well, but I have seen it happen..k20a2 crx vs. h22 crx

h22 pulls off the line because of more torque
k20 catches up soon afterwards

H22, K20, B18, you cant go wrong with any of them.

If you wana get creative, do a K24/K20 hybrid swap, a B20, there are a ton.

posted by  newyorker

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