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Hi there,

Although I'm just a very occasional visitor here - don't get fooled by my nickname btw... ;) - I hope to get an answer on this one :mrgreen:

I'm finally getting used to the thought that my Honda ITR (the 98 Euro model) deserves to be sent into retirement, approaching 300K kms. The gearbox is starting to behave a bit 'strangely' but I can still say I never ever had any sort of crucial failure with this car. Just regular wear and tear.

Anywayz as the title says it all, is the ITR really a collectors item? Would it make sense to store it somewhere for the next 10-20 years, pull it out one day and have crowds drooling over it proposing indecent amounts of money for it?

I would probably get something like $ 5-8 grand for it if I sold it today. ITR owners can most likely understand what I'm going through here. I love this motor to the bone and I don't want to part just like that but is it REALLY worth hanging on to it?

any reply appreciated

posted by  solaar

My crystal ball is telling me that we have about as good of a chance of knowing for sure as you do of actually owning the car.

posted by  jedimario

With that high mileage (or in your case kilometers) I doubt it, but you never know. The new drool toy for Honda is the Mugen Si, but the ITR is a fairly rare car..keep it, whats the worst that can happen??

My buddy has a low mileage Miata STO (very rare), and he got an offer for 10k on it, hes just gona keep it to drive (dont see a point cause he just ordered an elise)

posted by  newyorker

Cheers mates!

The point is I don't have space to store it properly. I could ask a friend who has a house and fairly large garage - as long as he can spare that spot which won't be for the next 10 years that's for sure...

On the other hand I don't want to keep driving it until it falls apart and even the rarity value is no more issue.

Somebody offered me CHF 6500 ($5000 or so) but he was suspiciously keen and he seems like a hustler knowing that he can get way more out of it. Even at that high mileage a 98 ITR attracts a lot of attention.

hmm, I could definitely use the cash now but then again... man!

What would you do?

PS. I reckon it's still one of the best cars ever built but the problem with the transmission that's creeping in would cost me quite a chunk I suppose...

posted by  solaar

You said that you love the car to core and you still thinking of selling it, bad though...
but its human to think about money, nevermind..
but it should be wise for you to wait a little and see the trend , cuz 300k is a bit excess...

posted by  splitter

If you honestly like it that much, just drive probbably wont get the kinda money you want with 300k on it, so just enjoy it for what its worth, and replace parts if may be a future classic, but this way, youll own it, it wont get wrapped around a guardrail by some 17 year old

posted by  newyorker

Personally if you are in a situation that allows you to store a rare car, then do it... If you can afford to do this and have the patience to do it, the ITR WILL be a collectors car especially if it's all stock.

posted by  V-Tec

Good points. Cheers mates.

"...wrapped around a guardrail by some 17 year old" :laughing:
That would be 18 over here (legal minimum driving age) but my thoughts exactly...

Yea the parts are all stock. I didn't know it makes a difference in the collectors value. Good to know.

posted by  solaar

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