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I have a 1990 honda civic hatch with acura integra disc breaks all around, i need lowering springs that will give me a 2 inch drop?
Note: i do have a b18 in it too

posted by  mr.michael

coilovers are your best bet
get Tokico Illumina, and Ground Control Sleeves, as well as camber equiptment

posted by  newyorker

i have Koni yellows on it... its got 17's and rubs like no tmr right now due to cut springs... coilovers are garbage, impossible to adjust, im looking for a nice set of springs to get me a 2-3inch drop

posted by  mr.michael

skunk 2 springs are a nice ride thats what i had on my eg hatch

posted by  95teggy

if your just a daily driver, find tein basics. i think they drop up to 1.8. that should be close enough.

now if your more than the average driver, u can look for tein ss-p i think they go up to 2.4.

dont go for the shock/progressive springs combo. ive went through 2 different shocks, (tokicos and konis) and they both blew out on me after several months.

i had eibach sportlines (1.8 drop on my rsx) and ground control coilovers.

posted by  Ki2AY

i have the same eibach suspension as u on my daily driver. id say there very nifty plus very strong

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

i guess they work differently on different cars

posted by  Ki2AY

guys keep in mind that he needs stiffer springs in the front, the B18 im sure weighs more than the D15 that comes stock in that car so coilovers are his best bet for keeping the ride height even

posted by  newyorker

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