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Any news on the 8.5 MR? There is information on the Japanese Mitsubishi Motors site. But its in japanese, ahhaha. And anyone know if Mitsubishi is really going to discontinue the Lancer Evolution at 8.5? Rumors are that they are renaming the line Colt Evolution, but i am not sure, there are some pictures around the net.

posted by  aerith

That's the first I've heard of it myself, however, I think 'Colt Evolution' has a certain ring to it, dont you?

posted by  Cliffy

hahah, does have its own certain ring. But where will all the numbers go? Do we have to start at Colt Evolution I ??? The 8.5MR is supposed to be released soon, or has already been released in select countries. I am not sure. But it officially runs 300horses under the hood. With slightly better aesthetics, like a black and grey interior colour scheme instead of the ugly current blue and grey.

posted by  aerith

Yea the evo 8.5 we got them here in new zealnd a month ago just a few minor differences between that and the evo 8 but its really jus the same as the evo 8rs just like on a game sort of a patch :laughing:

posted by  Smiwee

here you are guys.......a came across this a while back. took me some time to find the correct site agian. its got pictures and information on it inlcuding a road test a think.

what do i have to do to change form a CFnewbie to something else? am tierd of being a newbie now, ive been coming on this damn thing everyday and answering and posting replies every time. please help us out.

enjoy the read! :smoke:

posted by  WeaponR

We were all a newbie at one time or another...

posted by  BavarianWheels

Once you hit 100 posts I believe it changes to CF regular. Once you hit 500 posts you can make it whatever you want.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I bought "Motor Trend" and they have some rumors surrounding the Evo 9, so I doubt they are stopping at 8.5. They also have and Evo 8 RS, which is stripped down to reduce weight, suspension is tightened, etc.

posted by  abless

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