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Found a maxima I am looking to pick up, price is good, its even a 5-speed manual, but I want to know if there are any trouble spots with these cars. I read about the coilpacks, and occasional MAF problems, but also read that there is a stronger aftermarket MAF available, and coilpacks dont worry me.

Anyone have any other info for me?? Car only has 82k miles and was owned by a woman so I dont think it was abused, should be mechanically sound

posted by  newyorker

My friend has a ~99. He has just over 100k and the struts/suspension is starting to give him a lot of problems, wearing all his tires out, etc. Parts are expensive, so are tires. That's all I've heard him complain about though. He likes it.

posted by  carls47807

Thanks, not worried about all that, car will definately be modded, so far I am thinking

in-dash with a full stereo
altima SE-R wheels
small drop (tein or something)
SE HID headlights
SE 5.5gen tails
Injen intake
15% tint
stillen lip kit
maybe a magnaflow, not sure yet

hopefully I get this car in the first place, it will be a welcome change to my slow and uncomfortable civic, will miss the handling though but I hear the maxima isnt too bad in that department. My best friend of years has had 2 maximas in the family

95 GLE traded in with 155k
02 SE auto with 150k still driven

posted by  newyorker

http://611autofind.com/used_vehicle_details.htm?vehicleId=5665771f404638720 17951b0b4395edb
thats the car...anyone with carfax can hook me up, let me know

posted by  newyorker

don't you work for a dealer?

posted by  windsonian

yea...thats the dealer i work for haha

posted by  newyorker

and yet you can't get a carfax report?

posted by  windsonian

Why on earth do you want another economical 4-door sedan? Just something for you to throw more money into? Have fun autocrossing. :banghead:

posted by  jedimario

Im sorry but I dont see a maxima as being economical :thumbs:
I also never said im buying it, I said im considering it

posted by  newyorker

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