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Ok, where to start... I've been shopping for one of three used cars for the last month. The list is as followed.

1. Toyota MR2 Spyder (00 or Newer)
2. Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder GT (01 or Newer)
3. Hyundai Tiberon GT (01 or Newer)

I would prefer the first, but Toyota only ships 5,000 of them to the states every year, and it makes finding a good deal on them very very hard. I did test drive a few of them, and they are quick for only packing 138 hp stock. One of which that I drove had a cold air intake, and custom exhaust and it was pretty quick. But the dealership wanted 3k over edmunds & nada. :screwy:

I think one of the things I have established is that Kelly Blue Book is really over priced, and over rated. :screwy: I hate Kelly Blue Book.

The Mitsubish Spyder GT that I looked at had an automatic sportronic trans in it which didn't bother me, but well while I was doing the paper work to buy the car, one of the other car salesman sold the car while we were doing the paper work to someone that was paying full in cash. It was a heart break, from doing local research Spyder GT's is pretty hard to find up here.

I checked out some things about the Hyunda Tiburon, and it looks like a nice car, which it'll be my last choice, I want a convertible. On to the next problem, I am stuck going to the same dealership due to some credit issues. I have a period of inactivity on my credit which destroyed my beacon score. I already have one car paid off, but none of the banks can find a "beacon" score, but I have a dealership willing to work with me. :banghead:

I'm really only looking at used cars, though if I go with a new car I can get a lower APR per year. My price range is under 20k for the car.

Which car would any of you recommend out of those three cars, and why, or do you have some bad info about them? I want a car that I can do some light modding to, such as cold air, rims, exhaust, maybe super charge, body kit, etc. and I'll like to do as much as possible on my own so im looking for something easy to work on, and im looking at resell value as well.

Well if anyone can get any advice I'll really appriciate it =).

Thanks in Advance


posted by  technick

Can a Forum Mod move this to Asian Imports, I posted in wrong thread on accident. Sorry


posted by  technick

No probs..I just moved it for ya...I'll advise you on what car I'd go for later, I'm sure loads of other people would have advised you by then anyway lol...I'm just leaving work so I cant do anything now lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

You might want to look into a used RSX. Those are nice, my friend has one. Nice power, nice interior and looks nice. The handling is pretty good on one of those, its quiet inside and the leather interior is really something to be desired. I am guessing you can get one below 20k if its a 2001 model and not Type R. You can do alot of light modding to the RSX, to my knowledge, the RSX responds pretty well to mods. Too bad its not a convertible, but with the moon roof, its still pretty nice. You can try and find a 1999 Honda S2000 with higher mileage, those can go under 20k if you are lucky. That is the best roadster you will ever find. More power then MRS, better handling, looks ALOT better and plus its a Honda. Lancer Ralliart brand new would cost you under 20k, but again its not a convertible, but its a solid investment, good fuel efficency and looks pretty decent. Well, that's my :2cents: .

posted by  aerith


I did look into the S2000, but the one I test drove, I was really disappointed in. It didn't have the "Get up and go" as the other cars I test drove did. On top of that they are still a bit pricey, and how well will they old their value? I would consider a S2000 if I could find low mileage at a good price.

posted by  technick

I would personally go with the MR2. Also, I would look at a small turbocharger instead of a supercharger.

posted by  abless

mr2s are prety nice i heard, but they are far from practical. They have virtually no space for luggage/belongings. If that's not an issue, then the mr2 is a good choice.
What about an impreza (not the newer body styles but the 99-01 gc8s)'ve got plenty of choices.
If you like the mr2 and dont mind the lack of space, go for it!

posted by  importluva

I too would suggest the MRS, Although if it's an issue finding one you'd probably be better of going for an Eclipse. I know the Eclipses are well known over there in the States so I'm guessing they are easy enough to find. As all of the cars you stated are Asian, reliability shouldn't be a problem, although, the MRS would be, by far the most reliable of the three, and probably the cheapest to rum too. As importluva said though, space is the only real down side to the MRS, So if room isn't a pronblem and you can find a reasonably priced example, I'd go for the MRS! :2cents:

posted by  Cliffy

I wish there was a convertible tiberon, that would make my life a whole lot easier. I really want a convertible... I don't really care for mustangs, though I do like the camaro z28's, and pontiac firebirds as well. My insurance goes up like 5 dollars with those cars. Though the next issue I have, is the last two cars I have had, have been American, and i've had tons of problems with them. So I really wanna try something different.

As far as the 4 door, i'll pass. I don't really care much for the family scene. It's only myself, my gf, and maybe a few snakes.

posted by  technick

Look into the mazda maitas if you want a convertable?
the 350z also comes in a convertable form now :/ then there is the z3... it all depends man

posted by  Arthur

oh, well if you want a convertible(missed that part hehe), scratch the ITR. miatas are def nice, S2ks. If i were you, id forget about the tiburon (crap for modding) altogether. I guess thats about it for your price range and the model years you are looking at.
On a side note, those miatas can be beasts when modded correctly, extremely light and awesome handling=great mod potential.

posted by  importluva

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