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I recently bought Camry 2008. Before this I had Honda Accord (3 different ones)

The front door usually has 2 or 3 way stop where door when opened will stop at three points You need little extra push to go beyond those points.

This Camry doesn't have it and as I live in hilly area, on little bit of incline the door will swing open completely if I am not careful while opening the door.

Camry Service folks at local Camry dealership says this is how Camry is designed.

I would like to confirm this with other camry users if this is truly the case.

PLease share your experience so I can go back to dealership and counter their "It's Design" claim.

Thanks in advance

posted by  camry20008

Do the other doors have stop points? If not it's highly unlikely that all 4 doors are broken in a new car.

posted by  giant016

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