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So yea, if theres anyone out there who knows a thing or two about engines please reply.

So ive been building my new Mazda Familia GTX for about a year now and its almost complete. Im hoping to run 10sec passes on it, i did 10'z on the last GTX i owned. (BTS may remember the vids n shit). so yea.

The engine was a 1800cc DOHC turbo standard @ about 140kw running 8psi standard,

Ive forged all the internals,
Upgraded the fuel system/breaks/ to that of a Mazda familia GTR
Got a tdo4/t4 turbo out of a Evo VIII hybrid which is capable of about 28psi easy.
2.5" stanless high flow extractors
Huge front mount with water spray cooling
cold air intake, in cool box
and shit load of other mods,

My question is, How can i increase the boost the car is making, at the moment its only putting out around 17-18psi of boost with tap on full, which is enough, but i want more, the engine should be good for about 25psi without needing any other mods.

If i partially plug the Blow Of Valve will that increase the boost, or would it slow the spooling during gear changes? which i def dont want to happen. Ive been told to fork out hundreds for a better boost controler, but i dont want to caus the car budget is almost gone. LoL .

I also suspect the diaphram or spring in the Wastegate is faulty and letting boost pressure slip past. This happened on my last GTX but i thought i fixed this problem with this one.


posted by  Ki2AY

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