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I have just recently acuired a 1999 mitsubishi eclipse Rs. it has a 2.0L engine w/ DOHC and FR drive. the thing is totally stock. i have looked at many different ways of tuning it and decided that i would like to do an engine swap. I have looked for days for a web site on giving me info on this. i was looking at a 3000gt twin turbo engine. i would like to know what kind of mods need to be done before this can happen and is it just plan possible. if not would anybody have any other engines in mind. i would also like some good websites where i can find these motors. any help would be very much appreciated.

posted by  th_Eclipse

not to sound demeaning at all, a swap to a tt v6 into an eclipse rs seems a bit ridiculous. I'm not an engine guru by any means, but i have enough experience with dsms to know that there are far more cost effective means of generating tons of horsepower in an eclipse than a swap like that.

That's not to say that you wouldn't be generating more power this way, but you are looking at spending thousands of dollars on engine and components alone. Personally, i would stick with the current engine and spend your money on mods. Assuming cost is absolutely not an issue, and it is physically possible to fit the TT v6 into the rs, i'd go for it just for bragging rights. But other than that, it seems, like i said, ridiculous :2cents:

p.s. also, before you continue posting, you should really introduce yourself in the proper forum. The mods and people on the forum like to know you before answering your questions as i have found....

posted by  JeffGodOfBiskut

I know like i may sound a bit dull and boring but why dont you spend your money on upgrading the whole car probibly be cheaper.

posted by  cinqyg

I have the same car, but 97 and I think I'm gonna try to swap a gs-t engine because I have 115,000 miles and It will need a new engine soon enough. I am hoping to find one under $2,000. It has a turbo and its really easy to make faster. That would be more feasable than a 3000gt Twin turbo. Alot lighter too...

posted by  poopfaceone

Ohhh. Wish i could help ya there buddy. Shoulda gotta 1g or 2G 'clipse. The others are too heavy

posted by  VMJYogi

yeah this sounds like a better idea...
I just dont see how can a vr4 engine fit in there... (I also own an eclipse) and well I dont think it would work... plus you would also need a new tranny.

I would just get the gst engine...

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

4G63 ( is a good engine and It'd be a lot easier to swap that a TT engine. Its a 2 liter 4cly engine and comes with awd tranny(manual or auto) and turbocharger. All for 2 thousand. It will cost less to install than the TT engine. This is not advertiseing. Just trying to help :2cents:

posted by  jzxTT

not worth i always wanted the ttv6 in my gsx but after alot of research it turned out that it wasnt worth the trouble and money

posted by  nektratta

FWD into RWD is always going to be difficult because the chasis is made for FWD, and you would have to do some "mangling" if you will to get it to work... i would assume

posted by  mazda6man

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