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Hey Guys, please rate the best style of the g35 you like best for a 20 year old guy... I just cant decide!! lol

G35 Black Normal Rims
G35 Black With Rims

G35 White Normal Rims
G35 White With Rims

posted by  CCameronn

white with black wheels gets my vote.

closely followed by black with back wheels.

posted by  GreekWarrior

i agree, i have to say the white color with the lambo tint and the black wheels stand out on the road for sure haha, but the other styles are pretty dam nice too which makes it hard to pick.

im buying a used 2004 g35 in a week at the auction, and i cant figure out what color to buy, and thats why im seeing what you guys think :)

posted by  CCameronn

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