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OK so I decided to hold off on getting tint and an HID kit for the time being and get some more power out of her. Just knowing how restrictive that stock intake is and how much potential there is with a simple bolton makes me want to get it done. Here is what I am looking to do.

Intake system: AEM, Flyinmiata, suggestions??
Manual Boost Controller: buddy is offering me a brass one (whatever that is) but I am leaning towards a hallman...suggestions?
Forge Motorsports Diverter Valve: already installed on the car today
Flyinmiata TB inlet pipe: stocker cracks
Flyinmiata o2 modifier: gets rid of hesitation before boost hit..suggestions?

Turn boost from stock 7psi to 9psi

After all is said and done I should have spent under $500 and will go from 155rwhp to 190rwhp or so with all of the mods.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on certain brands to use for some of these parts, maybe edit my list a bit to make it cheaper or better.

This is a fairly low mileage motor and the most expensive car ive ever bought so doing it right is more important than saving money, I dont want anything to be half-assed.

Thanks guys.

posted by  newyorker

I'm not fond of the miatas but if your looking to open up the boost on the turbo a bit more you could replace the stock intercooler piping along with the intake. I don't know what material your ic piping is but it'd be best to switch it to hard piping. Also if your not on a budget why don't you get a electronic boost controller like the AEM truboost? It's a bit pricey but from what I've seen they work really well.

posted by  Spanky2324

The stock piping is part metal and part rubber hoses. Id rather not touch the intercooler yet cause I dont think its really necessary to replace until 210+whp. Ill look into the truboost, but money is an issue too..what i meant is that ill spend the money if i need to but if i can still have a quality product in some area and save money id rather do that.

posted by  newyorker

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