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I don't really know how to phrase this questions, since i don't relaly know exactly what i am asking. Basically, i just want to know a little more about sequential turbos and how they work, and how they are implemented, and what kinds of cars they run in essentially. any comments, aside from "you suck" would be greatly appreciated.


posted by  JeffGodOfBiskut

well, lets asume that you are talking about exhaust propelled centrafugal turbo's. Which most peole term as a turbo, but there are lots of diffrent types.

all a turbo really does is pumps more fuel/air gas into the cylinders. More chemicals to react means bigger explotion, bigger explotion means more foce thus more power.

this is done by using the exhuast gasses as the power to compress the gas. as we all know, boyles law, if u squash a gas into a samler volume then the temp increses. this is the princeipal behind your fridge and air con.

so this is why we use inter coolers to increse the density of the gas thus shove more in more easily and make it easier for the engine to compress during the otto cycle (4 stroke).

the problem with turbos is that, the exhauset does the work interms of compression so until we have a number of rpm's there is not enough gass to propell the impeller. The bigger the turbo then the more gas we need ie the bigger the turbo lag.

The idea behind sequencial turbo's is that you a have a small one and a large one. So even when there isnt enough gass to propel the large impella then the small one assists, this also speeds up getting to the point where the large turbo can assist. thus reducing turbo lag and giving you a dy/dx flatter power curve.

If you are thinking of adding them to a non turbo car then rember you have to sort out your camshafts, if you want me to go into why then just ask.

Jap perfomance cars use them alot.

Any help??

posted by  cinqyg

yeah, that helps a bunch.

i have been debating between buying a stock turbocharged car and turbocharging my own for a while, and this sorta fits in, but mainly i was jsut curious. i have the same engine in my talon ESi as the turbos, just not the turbo manifold or the turbo itself.

but as far as the whole cam switching thing, i understand all that. is the best site ever! :thumbs:

posted by  JeffGodOfBiskut

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