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well i dont know if anyone knows much about mazdas, but i just baught a new masda speed 8 and almost have enough for a body kit for it, who knows what a good engine for it would be. it drives nicely and RWD/stick and all but i want a more powerful engine

posted by  stormwisp

What exactly is a Mazdaspeed 8?

posted by  jedimario

I think hes talking about the mazdaspeed series RX8 lol

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

and he wants more power from a body kit.../fail?

posted by  newyorker

NYr just let the kid rice out his mazy. no bother to us right?:smoke:

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

Anyways kid u want power? lol just shoehorn a SA22C Wankey motor in it and your good to go.

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

A good engine for it?

An LSX with a T56

posted by  Enthusiast

Agreed. Ive actually been driving the new vettes lately (non z06) and i love the engine/tranny the car in general..maybe he should just get that haha

posted by  newyorker

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