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Can I replace my 00 civic sohc Vtec with a non Vtec.. i just want to keep my civic as a second car for mostly winter driving.. What are the issues with such a swap??

posted by  CRAZYJAY42

How little sense it makes, for one. Do you just not want Vtech or is something wrong with the current engine?

posted by  jedimario

If you go with the D16y7, they have a habit of spinning rod bearings.

Jedi, its called VTEC not VTECH you ricer

posted by  newyorker

pot, meet kettle...

posted by  dodger65

dumbass, meet humor :thumbs:

posted by  newyorker

you're saying newyorker=dumbass & dodger65=humor, right? :thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

flip that round and you got a your case a fail

posted by  newyorker

It's almost not even funny anymore...

posted by  jedimario

When was it ever funny?

posted by  Spanky2324

When there were actually some people here I guess.

posted by  jedimario

it was pathetic humor up through post 5, then the humor died and it was just pathetic.

posted by  dvdrose18

theres really no point in swapping in a non vtec engine. besides as ling as youre not reving the engine up past 5500, vtec wont even engage

posted by  mazda6man

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