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okay im ulike most of the forums iv read about importing car, im ataully in japan. so theres no need to worry where some might ship me a stolen car because there a car lot just out side me base. what need to know is how do i get this fli ass 2006 skiline that i bout for only 8995USD with out paying to much.

posted by  oopsjr07

I figure ya bought the car in the US. Well, ya might need to rent a container and ship the car to Japan.

Also there are cargo airline companies that transport cars. Ya need to go to your nearest airport and find out wich ones do.

And you can also google for "overseas car delivery"; "car shiping"; etc...

Hope it helps.

posted by  johnnykidlx

but arent there american spects the car has to have. how much would it cost to change it from a japanese car to a american car.:banghead:

posted by  oopsjr07

If there was ever a perfect example of the blind leading the blind, this is it.*

And according to a certain moderator, I'm the cause of the downturn of this forum.

*Feel free to substitute the words "stupid", "clueless" or "waste of oxygen" for the word "stupid".

posted by  vwhobo

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