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hows it going everybody, this is my first post here, so im sorry if im posting in the wrong section but i got a question about a foreign car so this seems like the right section.

anyways heres my situation. im 19 and am looking for a new car. ive been driving a 94' toyota tercel with a busted rod for the past 6 months and finally i think its givin up. but ive gotten alot done with that car and its served me well. but ive got about $4000 to spend on a new car, and ive decided i want a 300zx. im looking at the 90'-94' year models. the thing is is that only a thousand out of the four thousand is mine. the other 3 thousand is from my dad, whos helping me out at the moment. so if the car that i want isnt in his god graces he wont help me out. when i told him i wanted a Nissan 300zx hes been negative and skeptical ever since. he says that the car would cost me too much to keep up and that id have to get a job just to drive it, and pay for whatever breaks. basically he says its an unreliable car for me right now.

personally i dont know about the reputation of the fairladys and neither does my dad, so i was hoping yall could help me out. im not looking for a way to convince my dad to give me his money to get what i want, id just really like to know what the rep of this car is.
if the rep of the car is bad and my dads right ill most likely go with his advice and find something more practical, but for now id like to know what yall think of the car.

are they notorious for specific parts breaking on em, or are they cheap quality cars? is the cost of owning one too much? are the parts particularly expensive for them?

anything opinions on this car or advice is appreciated, and thanks in advance.

posted by  lglzit87

my buddy has been driving an NA 300zx for the last 6 months without a single problem. The car can be a little hard to work on since the engine bay is stuffed. I am guessing you are looking for the NA one insted of the twin turbo since it would be nearly impossible to find a decent condition and decent miles turbo one for that much. Go on 300zx specific forums and ask them that question.

posted by  V-Tec

I'm not all too familiar with them but I wouldn't recomend one for your situation, honestly. They are difficult to work on, although the styling of them is timeless IMO, they still look modern to this day.

Parts will most likely be expensive if you need to fix something, and prepare for 1 hour jobs dragging to 4+ hour jobs because of how tight the engine bay is and where some things are placed.

Also, a few of my Nissan enthusiasts (and many other locals) say that the motors in the 300zx (GQ series I think) were the worst engines nissan ever made...whatever that means :laughing:

posted by  newyorker

I've never owned a 300z but I did have a 240sx until the motor blew. The 300s are really sweet cars. I knew a few people who had them. Fun to drive and I think really nice looking so someday I want to get one. For your situation however I think it's a bad idea. Like what was said before they're not the easiest to work on and parts are not all that common. If you don't have a job already I'd recommend a civic or integra for reliability alone. My integra has been very good to me in the 5 years it's been my daily driver. Along with that it's great in the snow(Don't know where you're from or if it would be a factor) and the 300s just like my 240 were fun but pretty difficult to maneuver. If you've got your heart set on one, go for it. Just shop around because your price range a mint condition would be a hard find. But for practicality I'd have to go against it.

posted by  DBain

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