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hey im 15 and looking to get a car sometime soon. my uncle has a 2001 nissan altima he bought for his mom but shes dead so they dont need the car anymore. i was also looking at new nissan sentras and new mazda 3's, so my price range is around 12-16,000. comments on these three cars? other ideas? i'd like a new car mainly for the warranty.

posted by  thewalrus81

Probly for the sportiest out of THOSE three... I would go with the Mazda 3.... good looks... looks reliable... probly powerful... so there ya go....

posted by  StiMan

Ok If I was u i would get:
Mazda 3 4-Door S
AT or MT
Hp? Cant tell... the 2.0L has 148 the S is a 2.3L... so I dont know...
If those are your only choices than this is what I would get....

posted by  StiMan

man, if i were you, id rather get a used car as my first car. Id start out with an integra or protege or prelude. There should actually be no need for a warranty as you can get them fairly cheap and they are very reliable (My parents have never bought a warranty in their lifetimes, and they buy nothing but honda or toyota). Heck, even that altima is a good choice.
Also with a used car, you dont have to worry about depreciation when you want to sell the new car.

Now all of the above is assuming you are a new driver w/o much experience, which at 15, you should be. If not, then the mazda 3 is an excellent choice.

posted by  importluva

That is awesome amount you have saved for a first car. I too agree on geting a used car first. I started with a Mazda mx3 when i was 16 yesrs old (which sucked) but i had some fun times.. because it was hard to keep running, i bought a 1996 cavalier off my aunt for really cheap whe i turned 17. I'll slowly work my way to a new car. Start with something older. PLUS if you get a brand new one, you have alot of insurance/ more than on a used one. Good Luck!!! when i turn 18 im hoping to get a newer sports car.

posted by  Dustin

Yeah go with something that you can get parts for, cheap to insure and doesnt depiciate like a sive holds water, you learn alot about driving in the first years, your almost certsain to write a car off in the first 5 years even if its your fault or not. Nobodies perfect. Get something that old and dull to run around in and may be think about building a car with the rest of the money you have saved up, then you will be able to have some for the dull trips to school and work and one for the weekend. also means you might be able to aford to insure something a little sportier if it is limited mileage.

posted by  cinqyg

Bah I say go with the 3, it is a very nice car and is a pretty good deal :thumbs:

posted by  Voda48

My opinion:
get the 3... it is a Mazda = owned by Ford, but if that is all u can get...

posted by  StiMan

Mazda=ford dont mean mazda sucks, if thats wat you are implying. Mazda still makes damn good vehicles.

posted by  importluva

i would have to say from personal experience... don't get a new car, or even an expensive used car.

If i were you (which i am obviously not... god what i would do with 16k... *dreams*) i would go with a late 90's dsm or a civic. They are reliable cars and good looking too at a reasonable price. And with the money you save, if you decide not to get rid of it when you are a little older and more experienced, there are plenty of ways to upgrade.

trust me, if you get a new car as your first car, you will either wreck it or be pissed off every time someone dings it at school... it's not worth the headache or the money. Save your money, get a better car or upgrade once you have gotten some experience. If you get a new car, you will know what i mean after the first 2 weeks of driving it... :wink2: :2cents:

posted by  JeffGodOfBiskut

my advice is for you to give me all that cash, then kick yourself in the head and convince yourself you had been mugged by the gas station.

posted by  Rhendrix

totally agree RX8 is a brillant car, only wish i could afford one.

posted by  cinqyg

That is simply my opinion, but I most certainly like the RX7.... :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

there very diffrent cars with diffrent price tags, by a long long margin!

posted by  cinqyg

I agree with what most others are saying, I'd recomend a used car. Depreciation will be practically non-existant, you will be able to afford a slightly more powerfull car (if that matters to you) and insurance wont be as much of an issue (depending on what you value it at!) :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Well...ya... I know that...

posted by  StiMan

i know man, but acc to that logic, gm=subaru, or fiat=ferrari or lambo=vw.

posted by  importluva

We have gone over this before:

posted by  StiMan

yah you dont need a warranty just get a good mechanic to look over the car and make sure parts are available
by the way how bout lookin at some american cars - even better a kit car that way you know how to fix it, its cheaper, and its still schweet :thumbs:

posted by  nitehawk_87

haha, true about that, but i want clarification.
mazda is most definitely owned by ford, but only 33%. look here (

i am still under the impression that you think mazda sucks b/c its owned by ford. i really want to change that perspective, i want to help you :mrgreen:

posted by  importluva

I just dont really like em... I dont trust em because of Ford... simple as that... :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

If i had that much money i would definately go look around at dealerships for a somewhat used Subaru 2.5 rs (maybe around 2001), the way they look to me are awesome, and there are kits to easily turbo it later, this would be my choice and you should definately go check one out.

posted by  BlkWido

Get like a old STi or WRX...

posted by  StiMan

wait hold up.... so what does this nissan altima has to do wid any of this? im assuming u r planning to sell that car since ur uncle's mom is dead and get a new car wid that cash?

well anyways... here are my choices from top to bottom:
-mazda 3
-scion tc
-sentra se-r

but i really think u should jus keep the altima man... if its free y not? rite?

posted by  Ki2AY

I dont think the TC is out yet, and it would be out of his budget... it will be like 20k...

posted by  StiMan

try $16,500, but close enough. :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

tc will be out june 4th or 6th.. im not sure.. might wanna check that out... and yeh its 16k.

but hey, i didnt realize it cost that much.. i say go for the mazda 3 if u dont want to keep the altima..

posted by  Ki2AY

Sorry... I was guessing... all I knew was that it was more than the xA and xB and from pictures it looks pretty nice... so I guessed on it... sorry!

posted by  StiMan

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