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honda has a vtec which theres a vtec controler for the motor but for the celica gts i cant find one the celica. is thier even one made for celica motors. fyi the celica motor is a vvtl-i. need so answers please thanx

posted by  veilside_celica

V-tec is a Honda trademark, Vvtl-i or whatever it is is Toyota's version.

Google is your friend.

posted by  jedimario

i've never heard of anyone with a "vtec" controller for the celica, or any other car with variable valve timing for that matter. honda is the pioneers of vtec. every car with some type of vvt got it from honda.

posted by  h0nd@f@n85


posted by  Satty101

Fiat was the first ever to come up with such a system in 4 stroke engines, and Alfa Romeo was the first to use it in production cars. Nissan then came with something similar and I believe Honda came afterwards. But I've always clearly remembered Fiat and Alfa Romeo being the first.

I believe what the original poster meant was that little controller some Honda users have to activate the old V-TEC system at a different RPM. I think I once saw something like that for Toyota's system, but that was just once on some ad in a website years ago.

posted by  Inygknok

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