1992 Mazda Protege

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What should I do to make my mazda a little funner, im just looking for a project. Because the Mazda protege is getting pretty old if you know what i mean. Thanks

posted by  pacman0750

find a company that specializes in mazda parts
then before you waste your money on a bodykit
give your car some power
or get some better suspension

posted by  nitehawk_87

You could get:

stiffer springs/lowering springs
new brakes
new air intake
new exhaust
stickier tires
new interior (seats, steering wheel)
new stereo system

If you really want to make it fun, and have the cash, you could put a small turbocharger and intercooler on it, but that is $4,000+

posted by  abless

the most bang for the buck as far as power is concerned would air intake and exhaust upgrades. double digit horsepower jump for a descent price (150-500 for air intake system, depending on quality and company...) exhausts are similar, a little bigger increase for a little more money. that would be a good starting place IMO :2cents:

posted by  JeffGodOfBiskut

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