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Hi I have recently brough a beach buggy with a 1500 nissan engine in it.

I have it going for about 10 minutes then we ran out of gas, in our haste to drive off into the blue we forgot about gas.

When we filled the tank the engine would turn over but would not fire up into life.

Here is what I have tried.

1. Check to see if there is current to the coil with a voltage tester and there is.
2. Pulled out the main lead to from the coil from the distributor and tested for current and their was.
3. Took of distributor cap to test for current and their was.
4. Took our spark plug held plug 1/4 from engine head to test for spark and there was none.

There appears to be petrol going into the engine, just no spark at this stage.

I am not sure what is happening any advise would be appreciated.

I have some tools but not an extensive range simple instructions would be excellent.

Thanks in advance

posted by  free5tyler31

try holding the plug on the head and watch for spark that way. holding it 1/4" away from the head might not spark. sounds like a fuel issue.

posted by  glagon1979

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