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I need some assistance with the protocol in regards to importing vehicles...specifically used cars from Japan, and preferably right side drive.
I am considering purchasing a car from overseas ...however i am not the very least knowledgeable when it comes to importing. I want to verify whether or not it may make sense to ultimately do so or settle with buying here in The U.S.
Can anyone help me out? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

(Highly anticipating positive feedback!)

posted by  IZER_SNCr

I know there's a few companies in California that import cars from Japan and help you take care of the regulations, but I'd recommend looking for used cars that other people imported. There aren't too many but it's a lot cheaper and a lot less of a hassle than bringing them over. Even if you find one in Canada, it would probably be easier to bring over.

If you want the websites of the import companies though, just tell me, I think I have them bookmarked somewhere.

posted by  chris_knows

Depends what you want to import, sometimes it's just not worth it. There's a local guy doing a RHD conversion on his integra, he bought the JDM Teg front and used the firewall and other pieces and put them in his USDM car. What some people do with skylines is they buy the chassis and drivetrain, and then the body seperately from a US company, that way it's classed as a kit car and doesn't have to follow the same safety and emissions regulations.

What are you trying to bring in?

posted by  newyorker

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