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Hey guys, I need to beat this Mazda RX-8 in my class, but I cant figure out what I'm doing wrong in my 350z. I need new rear tires, but I am really close to this guy in the times. I was like .3 seconds off of him last race.

DO you see anything Noobish? 2-steven-johnson

posted by  stevenj2025


Are you talking about a drag race?
If you inflate your tires a bit past the recommended amount (40-45psi), reduce as much weight as possible (spare tire, passenger seat, rear seat, don't put in too much gas, etc), and you might be able to pull it off...

0.3 seconds isn't that much, a better reaction time alone could be enough.

posted by  chris_knows

im talking about autocross, so I need to out handle him. Difficult against mazda

posted by  stevenj2025

The Mazda RX-8 is one of the best handling cars on the market today, against your car being a torquey heavyweight. Good luck is all I can say, I'm surprised you've come so close, maybe he's not driving to his best. The driving in your video isn't bad but you are going way wide on some turns.

posted by  newyorker just starting autocross so im not very good with that but mabey make your stering tighter? like more ster with less turn of the wheel if that makes sence? idk. ima noob so lol

posted by  ZERO-ZULU

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