racing a 1992 eagle talon 2litre DOHC and need engine swap

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I'm racing a 1992 eagle talon 2 litre Mitsubishi DOHC front wheel drive next year and, i was wondering what would be the best motor to swap into it???? the division rules for racing state that it has to be naturally aspired (non-turbo) and not over 3 litres... now the casing for the 5 speed is cracked so it will be a motor and transmission swap... if i have to i have no problem with doing some mod's and a little fabricating to get a newer, higher horse power motor into the car, i need suggestions!!! last year we put a 300ZX motor into a 240SX car so i know that there's got to be a sweet swap for this car.

posted by  eagletalonracer

What kind of racing?

posted by  newyorker

it's dirt track raceing... there is no problem getting the suspention set up the problem lies in what motor to run, i would like to have something that i could run hight rpm's in 2nd throught the track... but i would run third if had to.the 300 that we got running is running 2nd gear ... with 87 inch tires. im hopeing to get close to the same power out of a front wheel drive car even though i probably can't but it won't hurt to try... the fastest car running on the track this year is a mazda mx6 if that says anything to you guy.... i do appretiate all the help i get... i don't think i could say thank you enought to the people that help me with this project,

posted by  eagletalonracer

Toyota Camry V6
Toyota 3SGE
Honda Civic KA20
Honda Accord V6
Ford/Mazda 2.5 V6
Ford 2.3 Duratec
Mazda RX7 (non turbo)
Alfa V6

Most of these engines came from front wheel drive cars so you're good to go.

posted by  fudge

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