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Hey i was thinking about putting a 93 TT Kit off a VR4 on my 94 3000 gt sl.. I Know people have done this before but i was wondering if this would work or if i would need tt kit off a 94 or newer VR4?? thanks for your input..

posted by  Blancoguy

Turbos from a VR-4 , TD04 13g's, with wastegate actuators
Exhaust manifolds and the manifold gaskets
Oil housing from a VR-4
Oil feed and oil return lines for the turbos, and all the eyebolts and gaskets
"Joint" on the back of the engine block for the rear oil feed line
93+ VR4 Oil Pan
Water housing
Water feed and water return lines for the turbos, and all the eyebolts, washers, and gaskets
o2 housings and pre-cats
Fuel Injectors
Fuel pump assembly

posted by  Blancoguy

is nobody going 2 help me...?? cause i have seen plenty of people talk about the subject on the interent.. so somebody has 2 know about it but ok thanks..

posted by  Blancoguy

In all honestly i don't know too much about 3000gt's myself but if you want a to boost ur sl, sell it and buy a VR4. It will come out cheaper, better, and stronger.

posted by  V-Tec

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