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whats wrong with the boys at toyota :cussing:
theyve got good stuff goin with the celica, supra, MR2 SPYDER :thumbs: , corolla s
and then they go and produce the echo
ill admit the 3 door h/b is alrightie but the echo still sux!!

posted by  nitehawk_87


posted by  abless

lol, good point there. The echo isn't made for speed or horsepower. It is made for people who don't want to spend their life savings on gas. Also, i think there was something about the environment... idk, i don't really know about that kinda stuff :screwy:

posted by  JeffGodOfBiskut

we shoud all care about the enviroment, at least a little. Its annoying and depressing when people dont do the simplest of things that could make such a difference. Im not a tree hugger, i dont wear socks and sandles before anyone asks.

Surely its better to have one car that you use to do the every day grind and one for weekends for a bit of fun. Well over here in blighty its a good plan, means:
a: you can get cheap insurance for your sports car
b: it doesnt end up as a heap of rust from driving it on salted roads
c: dont have to remorgage the house to cover the fuel costs
d: cuz you have saved all that cash you can spend more on tunning and tweeking your beast.

posted by  cinqyg

seems like a pretty good plan to me. If i could even purchase a car on my own i would definately lean toward a system like that, however, as i am 17 and only work part time, buying a toyota echo just for the gas mileage seems at this point to be a waste of my college fund. However, the theory is sound.

The echo is a good car, probably one of the most fuel efficient cars on the market from what i have read, save maybe for some of the newer hybrid cars. To compare it to other toyotas is a waste of breath. It was not designed to match any other car in performance. The point is safety and driveability in a car that is cheap to own and operate. So as far as being crap, it is quite the opposite, it is very good at what it is designed to do. If you wanted a race car, you came to the wrong place with the echo.

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posted by  JeffGodOfBiskut

The Echo is meant as a easy starter car... not a sportster... duh!
Nightwhatever: You are a noob

posted by  StiMan I missing somthing here?....Toyota make the Yaris (Vitz) and the Corolla, and you're complaining about the Echo?..btw, is the Echo the same as the Prius? so...

...You dont have to worry about the London Congestion charge either! :thumbs: :ticking:

posted by  Cliffy

echo info here ( 47&year=2004&modelid=5227)

i agree, echo sucks balls

posted by  importluva

Why do u think i was asking about the bike! LPG monster was the next idea, but still thinking about it.

posted by  cinqyg

The Prius is a hybrid... the Echo is not... they have different frames....

posted by  StiMan

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