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I own a 1989 Nissan 240sx hatckback with an RB20DET engine and I just want to know if this engine is legal or illegal In California cause I got pulled over by CHP for loud exhaust he popped the hood open and issued me a ticket for an emissions violation would it pass the State referee visual test please help

posted by  Anthony714

What does "emissions violation" mean? I don't see them checking what's coming out of your exhaust...
Also, the exhaust doesn't have much to do with the engine. You can def get a quieter exhaust while still keeping the RB20DET..

posted by  chris_knows

The reason for CHP pulling me over was for loud exhaust but then he popped the hood looked at the engine I don't know what he's seen and issued me a ticket for emissions violation and on the back of the ticket he put a sticker on that said "state referee certification required" I did some research on it and from what I found out was that they gotta do a visual check on the engine so I just want to know if the engine is legal or illegal Cause I don't want my car taken away

posted by  Anthony714

He probably saw the shiny cam cover and thought it was a street racing machine. California smog laws can be a proper pain but after seeing the smog in LA on a clear day myself I'm not that suprised that it is like that.

posted by  fudge

is he allowed to just pop your hood like that? i figured that it would be like searching the inside of a car. would need a warrant or something along those lines? i know in ohio if you get pulled over for a sound violation they can't just pop your trunk but not to familiar with engines

posted by  hhsrastler92

either way even if they find that the engine does not meet standards... they can not take his car right? they can just tell him he needs to meet the emission requirements for the year, make & model.

A friend of our moved out to CA a few years back. She had to have her car inspected and it didn't pass. She was given a list of what it needed... but it turn out to be easier to sell it and buy one already equip.

Was that engine available in your car new and is it a CA emissions car? Have you done anything "illegal" to it?

posted by  corbett_auto

dude all rb's and sr20dets are illegal... if they never had those engines in the Nissan they sell in America then its definitely not legal. the only way to make it legal is to get a usdm ecu and intake manifold and stuff but there are no usdm rb or sr20det's..

posted by  ashishtis

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