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I personally believe that Time Attack is one of the best form of Motorsport in terms of what the cars can do. The cars have to use a control tyre and must be road legal and maintain their monocoque structure. The tuner is free to do everything else to their car. What I love about these cars compared to street cars is the amount of components that have been adapted from Motorsport such as sequential gearboxes and rose jointed suspension. The cars which stand out for me are the Gobstopper from Roger Clarke Motorsport which has 800hp with nitrous with many parts borrowed from a full-on Prodrive WRC spec Impreza:

http://ll.speedhunters.com/u/f/eagames/NFS/speedhunters.com/Images/JohnBroo ks/BrandsTimeAttack/ProTime2/08BrandsTimeAttack_jb_1005.jpg

HKS CT230R which set numerous lap records and can keep up GT300 cars (that are lighter and spaceframed), just goes to show that a 500hp Evo is no slouch:


ASM and Top Fuel S2000 - these are proper built S2000's with a close ratio sequential gearbox. Haven't seen any other S2000's built to this quality:

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_3yOpmj9D2S4/SgplPJWHmRI/AAAAAAAACNQ/973yjLSRLyI/s 400/asmw3.jpg

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_3yOpmj9D2S4/Sgpl0HGE2WI/AAAAAAAACOI/WUDt2rFtY78/s 400/topfu.jpg

Would love to see a european or american car built to these specs.

posted by  fudge

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