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Hi, I was wondering what mod. you can put on your car to make it sound like the Spyder Eclipse in 2fast 2furious (when he revs the engine it makes a humming buildup and when he lets off it sounds like air is releasing.) If you know what im talking about of know what it is, could you clue me in cause its really cool.

posted by  Amaranth

Dats called a turbo with a blow off valve

posted by  KE70rolla

The "air releasing" sound is an aftermarket blowoff valve.

posted by  abless

The humming buildup is most likely the tubro charging up. And the air thing is definately the blow off valve. So if you want that ready to spend a grand or two. Unless u want a punk ass turbo. then u only have to spend a couple hundred.

posted by  VMJYogi

then again you can go the ghey way out and get one of those electronic bovs from Ebay... lol I know a civic that has one... he fool me at first... we were driving around philly doing about 35 and he was with me... but funny thing was that I keep hearing this bov... I was like nice... wounder what kind of mods he has... got to a light... asked the guy... he told me it was electronic... I lost all respect for the guy... didnt even wanted to race him then... he took off pretty slow... keep making his bov go... (f*king loud I may add) but still his car didnt go... pretty sad...

posted by  SunDown13X VR4

or u can just buy lots of purteh stickers. make sure one of them says something like "Turbo Inside" just like the pentium processor stickers.

then just get something like a whoopie cushion, n make sure u press it every time u press the clutch so it does the nice sound.

posted by  Inygknok

Yeah, I know what you mean about the electronic Blow-off valve. I've heard them around. Sounds kind of weird, i knew they were electronic, cause the cars didnt even emit the build-up of the Turbo. It just made the blow off sound for no reason. Ive seen one in action, that guys pissed me off, he was in a old imprezza at the stoplight, and kept on revving his engine, and his blow off valve sounded. Then the guy next to him in a beat up looking civic started to rev as well. Then it turned green, and the civic kicked the shit out of imprezza!! HAHA It was a sleeper, i heard the turbo and the blow off valve go. Might have been a B16 transplanted in. Now, that was awesome :hi:

posted by  aerith

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