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hey, anybody that owns a 2003 toyota corolla, have you gone thru the automated car wash with the antenna? there's no chance that the antenna gets damaged from the large wipers does it?

posted by  yiggy

HAHA i dont kno does it not come off??? or go down when u turn off the radio

posted by  starfish

hehe, well i haven't taken it off myself yet. but the owners manual says to take it off before you go into the wash. but i find it hard to believe toyota would ask drivers to do such a stupid thing everytime they go into a car wash.

posted by  yiggy

yea it kinda suks to have to take it off but i would recomend it my brother went throug with his on one time and it didnt look to pretty i was supprised it didnt come out bent but i wouldnt go throught more then twice with it on

posted by  starfish

still haven't gone thru a wash, but i figure to take it off just in case. don't wanna get it damaged. and today when i was driving, i saw a lexus is300, it has got the same type of antenna at the top of the roof. maybe lexus makes it stronger or somethin' to handle the large brush. but i dunno, don't understand getting out and unscrewing it.

posted by  yiggy

wouldnt be to good if i went through and it came off but then the bruches scrtached the hell out of your car with it 8O

posted by  starfish

tonite i tried to take the antenna off for first time, it unscrews nicely. so i took it in for the wash. at least it is not hard to unscrew and i don't need any tools. but the antenna was covered in salt, so that inconvenient to bring it into the car during the wash. but anyhoo, not as bad as i first thought.

posted by  yiggy

my pop has one and he takes it off to go through the wash, try it and let us know

posted by  RichG

this was like, the first post i could find, thats cool...

posted by  Slapshot

Hey i know this might sound silly but does anyone know if you can put the back seats down without having to get into the trunk? my mom owns an 03 corolla which did not come with a manual and the lock on the trunk is not working properly. If anyone can help it will be greatly apreciated.

posted by  Winnie53842002

Please start your own thread :thumbs:

posted by  GoodTimes

Sorry about hijacking your thread yiggy,:laughing: but I've got a question, how come the older threads have the little things at the bottom, showing the related threads, and now there isn't?

posted by  chris_knows

There is for me.

posted by  Vlad

For all threads? Or just the older ones (this one included)?

posted by  chris_knows

I've only noticed that a few times myself...and I cant explain it :ohcrap:

And winnie.....the seats should have little handles on them that can be operated from inside the car...or atleast most cars do lol :thumbs:

*lets thread rest in piece* :laughing:

posted by  Cliffy

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