Will paint sealant work with the 3M auto tape?

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Hi everyone... brand new on here. I just got a 2010 Acura TL AWD A-spec from BC. It's my third Acura, and I've always had the paint sealant treatment done. However, work has taken me to Alberta, and everyone here is talking about the 3M auto tape, and that it is highly recommended in AB. With the paint sealant already on the car, does it have to be removed before 3M? And, if so, after the 3M, what is the best way to keep the car nice and shiny, and protected. The car is black, so I know it's probably more difficult. I just want to make sure the car is protected and always looks good. Am I right when I say that the dealer-applied paint sealant will not work with the 3M? Please, I would greatly appreciate any good advice. Thank you to everyone.

posted by  PCTCONE

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