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Now if you just got your first car(import of course) what would u first fix up?(in general) (this is not when you have a 1234213948203984230 dollars and can do whtaever you want.....im nto sure if some 1 already asked but im new =P and i cant seem to find the thread...] :confused:

posted by  HaVoC11

wow, that color is killing my eyes.

id start out with intake and exhaust systems first.

posted by  importluva

well, what kind of car care we talking about? cuz, for me anyways, different car would change my plan of action

posted by  mazda6man

wow that is alot of money(1,234,213,948,203,984,230)
I would start with, exhaust.

posted by  archangle

Tell me more about this import,
Does it have an engine or tires?
Cuz if not I’d start with them. :mrgreen:

posted by  Driver-88

exhaust first, then air intake, probably rims and tires next.

posted by  abless

im gonna go with the exhaust and intake system and then probably rims

posted by  SilverCivicSi98

id have to go wid the exhaust and intake system also... its pretty damn clear now.

posted by  Ki2AY

sorry guys i thought the color would be a cherry red....o well....yeah see there is this 85 supra next to my house and the guy said that he bought it for a grand and im hoping i could buy it off him....well thanks...intake and then tires/rims....kool :thumbs:

posted by  HaVoC11

It really depends if you want to like make it a speedster and a beast under the hood, or just something that looks cool from the outside... really depends on which one...

posted by  StiMan

Surprised no one has mentioned chip tuning... :2cents:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

Im suprised no-one has mentionned any real mods and not just some bolt on's.

I would either A) Swap the enigne, or if the situation is right then B) Add forced induction.

...then go for exhaust and intake, when it will ACTUALLY make a difference. :2cents:

posted by  mazdaspeed

hehe :laughing:

posted by  rvl123

id acutally do it the other way, start with bolt-ons and then move on to f/i and chip flashes.

posted by  importluva

sorry i didnt reply i couldnt find my own thread( till i found the thread search thing =D) mann...once i get my first car can somebody help me....just like...whoever knows a bit bout car fixing and stuff...cus i dont want to go somewhere and pay them you know?

posted by  HaVoC11

umm is thre a chance he would mean like, fix the broken and / or worn out crap. like a new O2 sensor in your high mileage vechile will restore more lost HP than some retarded "intake" system will. do a general overhaul first, then do whatever.

posted by  Low Impedance

First do the maintanace like replace hoses, spark plugs, coils, and possible some parts of the wireing harness. Then (I dunno much about the years is it a MKIII with a 1JZ? and turbo?)

NA - Intake, headers, test pipes, cat back exhaust, ECU tune and buy some MKIV rims.
Turbo - Intake, down pipes, test pipes, cat back exhaust, ECU tune and MKIV rims.

posted by  DeathScythe

if you are running on a budget, maybe start with some plugs that don't suck, wires/ignition items, air intake- whatnot. I have heard that those cars have a problem with rings going out a little sooner than they should (150-175K). I'm no expert, though.

posted by  sierrawolfe929r

for the price of an exhaust and intake systems, i would instead get a complete port job on the head

posted by  carlos

Used car?
I'd start with a tune up and decent tires.

New car?
Intake and low restriction exhaust. A quality setup shouldn't break you and usually results in a bit more power and better throttle response. Make sure the exhaust system you choose has been tuned for your car. Spending a bit extra here goes a long way.

posted by  Gothicaleigh

Personally, I would get a performance header, cat-back exhaust system and a cold air intake to get the car breathing better. More air = more power

posted by  donvito2005

more info on this car...

personally I would do a 60K service (timing belt, plugs, cables, water pump, termo, etc, etc...) dont be stupid and start dropping money on a car without making sure it will stay in one piece....


posted by  SunDown13X VR4

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