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Hey, i just want to ask a question. The other day i was surfing around Ebay motors and i stumbled upon a 03' Lancer Evolution with a Leather interior, and it wasnt aftermarket either. The Recaro Label was stitched on and the side panels and the back seats matched as well, in a way nicer color scheme of Grey and Black. And i also wanted to ask; i kno that the Evolution RS is coming out this year, with the limited front differential. What is the MSRP on the RS and what is the price difference between it and the normal one. The Front differential sounds so much more appealing then the viscious coupling in the normal one :D

BTW; this is all happening in North America, so you lucky bastards out there have probaly been enjoying the Evo for years. Unlucky me, i live in Canada, which means ive only seen like one on the street, and one in a showroom. I hope it will be officially sold here next year :D

posted by  aerith

yes, the recro seats are leather. a link to purchasing an RS or VIII in the UShere (http://www.cars.com/carsapp/national/?szc=40223&year=2004&srv=dealer&act=n cbssrch&sb=dst&sk=dst&so=asc&fs=&rd=100&ddrd=30&config=t&rt=quick_ncbs.tmpl &referrer=configurator&trf=homepagenew&mdnm=Lancer+Evolution&mkid=34&zc=402 23)
the RS starts around 27k USD

posted by  importluva

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