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does anyone know how much power the stock sti puts to the ground. Ive heard 250awhp but can anyone confirm?

posted by  importluva

i have reason to believe it puts out 300 hp...

posted by  SuperJew

That's what I have heard too.

posted by  abless

They vairy from 222 bhp to 350 bhp... It depends upon the model.. :hi: :thumbs:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

nah man my brother owns a wrx which came out of the factory stock at about 300awhp

posted by  87TurboII

300hp is at the crank, but there is drivetrain loss so it will be less to the wheels.i cant seem to find the answer anywhere.i know the evo VIII puts down about 225-230whp w/ 271 at the crank, just wanted to know about the STi. im referring to the USDM MY04 STi.

posted by  importluva

OK I have been looking for a long time, and from what I can see all I can get it just that it is 300hp... perhaps (not likely) that is how much is going to the wheels too... but that is doubtfull.. I cant find it anywhere either...
Sad... I am admiting that I cant answer all the questions about the STi...??!?! :oops: :screwy: :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

acc to nasioc and clubwrx, ive seen a range from 220-280, but no one is consistent. i guess it varies by individual cars and the dif dynos. o well, im asking just out of curiosity.

posted by  importluva

That's very true....250bhp at the wheels sounds about right to me :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Yeah, your USA Spec Scooby has 305 bhp from it's T25 engine but over here we have about 12 diffrent models and i just looked it up and i was infact wrong.. They range from 215 bhp to 350 bhp, not from 222 bhp to 350 bhp.. Well, i was 7 bhp out but my point remains... :hi:

posted by  R34RB30DETTV

here's a spec,

but it only shows engine power. Drivetrain losses for a scooby rex are 22%.

posted by  Wally

i recommend you all read article from vishnu tuning. Taught me something :thumbs:
BTW, i got the link from a member of nasioc.

posted by  importluva

Thanx for that link importluva, I have copy/pasted all the info from that site as it's hard to determin whether or not it's advertising, as there's a Forum there too. I know you wouldn't intentionally advertise, PM me if you have any queries :thumbs:

Wally, I've done the same with yours, I hope you dont mind, as I said to importluva, any problems, feel free to PM me!

By the way, those specs are for the WR1 which is a different car all together, I'm not sure how the power differs though, thanx anyway, Wally!

Edit: I updated the Forum rules incase of any misunderstanding, you can view the rules in either the 'Introduce yourself' Forum, the 'General Chat' forum, or the 'Repairs & Maintenance' Forum. Thanx guys! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Sorry about that. I don't have any interests in the site I linked, it was just one of thousands with scooby info.

posted by  Wally

Dont worry about it, I know it wasn't deliberate :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

yea same here. well not scooby info, but an interesting article. no biggie tho, ill remember for next time.

posted by  importluva

LOL...Dont worry, I know you didn't do it deliberatelly *feels guilty* :thumbs: :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

does it really matter bhp power 2 weight ratios who cares!!!!! loads of power is lost dependin on engine crank transmision etc all u need 2 no is dependin on which model u buy it propels u dwn that tarmac from 0_62mph in anywhere from 4.2 _6.0 secs

posted by  freddienorton

yes, they do matter. bhp is simply guesses made my manuf, acc to shiv's article posted above. more than bhp, its the whp and power to weight ratio that really determine the capabilities of a car, especially for FWD and RWD cars off the line. AWD cars will annihilate FWD or RWD cars in the 0-60, but get owned at the top end by FWD and RWD cars. 0-60 measure simply aint good enuf, atleast for the STi.

For example: In a straight line contest, with equal drivers, an STi will stay ahead of a 350z all the way till about 120mph, then it'll get walked by the Z. the AWD simply gets owned at the top. but according to you, the STi has a much better 0-62 time than the Z, so the STi is better?

the drivetrain loss is exactly why i dont trust hp numbers from manufacturers (300 for the STi), id like to see dyno numbers instead. i believe the dynojets generally show 240whp-260whp for a stock STi.

posted by  importluva

i agree with importluva. i have generally seen STi's run from 13.1's all the way up to low 14's (those being tremendously shit drivers) at the track, most either claiming to be stock or having the simple upgrades, such as intake and exhaust among other minor things. another reason yet not to believe manufacturer numbers and not to trust magazine numbers much either.

some magazines should go ahead and dyno test new cars. actaully, i know a few import magazines sometimes buy some of the new cars and test them out and write their reviews according to how they feel the car and such, but note how none of them dyno the cars to provide some more useable facts and figures.

the only way i have seen dynos is when some of the magazines take older cars and dyno them for projects that they plan with the vehicle, like Import Tuner does very frequently. i believe their latest projects have been a 350Z (currently using greddy's new twin turbo kit for the vq35de), a 95 supra, and a 95 lude. they test the car out as soon as they gather them and state the conditions of weather and such, the dynojet used, and the conditions of the car. its things like those that SHOULD be actually get done in order for the public to get facts straight.

posted by  Inygknok

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