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I was thinking of putting a nitrous system on my 03 corolla. Is this a good idea? What size system would you if you would. Any pointers?

posted by  cinimod

no no no no no... (only my opinion(i hate nitrous)) why nitrous? youre only going to ruin it unless youre going to build the crap out of it... the newer corolla motors arent exactly the strongest.

posted by  mazda6man

Don’t know much about nitrous,
I think it would be hard on your engine.

Just wondering do you need it or want it?
Are you actually getting your engine to bottom out?

Maybe all you need is a turbo.

posted by  Driver-88

Ok. Yeah i know it is hard on your engine. I was just looking for easy inexpensive horsepower and nitrous seems to get you more than most bolt ons. Im open to any help if not nitrous...

posted by  cinimod

Im looking for inexpensive horsepower and nitrous seems like a way to get a lot. Im open to any help if not nitrous then. I havent done anything to the car yet. Im new to this.

posted by  cinimod

plus, i dont mean to slam, but nitrous, in my opinion, is a whimps way out... i hate it for many reasons

posted by  mazda6man

No its ok. i understand what youre saying. What can i bolt on that will get me a lot of horsepower then?

posted by  cinimod

have you dont exhaust and intake yet? they woont do a hwole lot, but something is better than nothing. a supercharger would be pretty nice (im planning on supercharging my car) or you could turbo it. but i myself am more of a supercharge guy, cuz i want my power now! haha

posted by  mazda6man

turbocharger or a supercharger

posted by  archangle

HAHA beat ya to it

posted by  mazda6man

I herd with a turbocharger you have to use a higher octane fuel
Cus of early ignition do to high compression of the air and gas.

If that’s even true
I guess it would be the same case with superchargers. :confused:

posted by  Driver-88

high octane in the sense 91-93, available at most gas stations.

but back to the main point, do a motor swap or something. try for an older mr2 motor, or maybe a celica gt-s motor if possible, heck even the jz supra motor :hi: :mrgreen:
but even then, modding a corolla is a bad idea imo. just take a look at the civics and the kind of respect they get... :banghead:

but if you must choose f/i, get the turbo.

posted by  importluva

I have one deck of playing cards left and a few clothes pins available...I'm sure you might be interested in putting one on the wheel of your Corolla too...they make your car sound killer and up the HP too.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Dose fuel ignite to soon with turbo and superchargers?

posted by  Driver-88

Y turbo?

posted by  Driver-88

not that i know of...the only diff between N/A and F/I is that there is more air/fuel mixture in each cylinder. ignition times should not have to change.

i like turbos b/c i am biased :mrgreen: and my current dream car (read STi) does not have sc kits for it, its all turbo baby :rock:

posted by  importluva

turbos in the end will give more boost (normally) but a supercharger will give you the power instantly... however, it takes a little power to make the power, because youre running an extra belt

posted by  mazda6man

as far as octane is depends on your c/r, timing, the chambers in the head, and how much boost is being applied.

with 9.0:1 static compression ratio you can get away with about 16-18lbs of boost on 93 octane if your timing is retarded a few degrees. forced induction can cause preignition because it's packing the cylinders with more than 14.7psia which is the standard that n/a engines are built to...atmospheric pressure...87 octane fuel burns much faster and is much more volitile than 93 thats why high compression engines and forced induction engines usually run the higher octane.

as far as superchargers responding quicker than turbos....that's a myth...turbos generally produce power in a narrower range than superchargers.....the supercharger can be designed to get the boost goin early and keep it goin up to your shift point....turbo engines(stock) take longer to make boost but continue to make boost to the same point as the supercharger. superchargers also make boost at rotor speeds that are much lower than the turbine rpms seen in a turbocharger.....

if a turbo is properly sized to a mild engine built specifically for turbo characteristics it can rival even a high quality supercharger...generating boost relatively early, and making more torque than a s/c

if you are using a sequential turbo set-up you will blow right past the power potential of a question...although twin turbos on your car wouldn't be feasible, it's just an example.

stock for stock both forms of forced induction are just about equal....Anyone drive a GTP or Cobra instant boost's the centrifigal s/c's that make almost instantaneous boost....centrifigals aren't stock equipment....Roots type s/c's are

centrifigal's are more designed for's basically a belt driven turbo in how it's designed...when applied to racing...turbo's usually have an edge over s/c's

posted by  Sick88Tbird

:clap: :clap: :clap: well written. taught me something. :thumbs:

posted by  importluva

To Cinimod
You might want to take a look at this

these are also on the same page
How Horsepower Works
Increasing horsepower
Bolt-on performance

I found it interesting gives me a better idea of what can be done.

Good luck :thumbs:

posted by  Driver-88

Oh but then i would look like as big a jackass as you.

posted by  cinimod

Too late.

P.S.- Nice tripple post.

posted by  abless

And the point to your reply would be? The triple post was accidental and I wasn’t able to delete them all. What is the point of posting if you don’t intend to be helpful? If your point is to be annoying by posting useless, antagonistic replies then you have successfully accomplished your goal.

posted by  cinimod

ok kids, dont want to have to put you on time oot...

posted by  mazda6man

*^^^What mazda6man said :thumbs: *

I deleted two of the posts so that really aint an issue anymore....take a chill pill lads

posted by  Cliffy

Thanks, when i realized it posted 3 times i didnt see a way to delete it myself.

posted by  cinimod

From my experience (I once tested out my sig, before I was a mod...only to realise I couldn't delete the nonsense I'd just written lol) a standard member cant delete anything they've written, my post had to be deleted by a mod (the hobo.....RIP :soul: ), Bav also said that if somone posts directly after you, that would mean you cant delete your own post, either way, It seems to be a mod only function now, and it's extreamly easy to double....or tripple (I guess) post, dont worry 'bout it :thumbs: :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

Ah ok....the Edit/delete mouse over is a little deceiving then. And for an Asian import forum it doesn’t seem to be all that Asian import friendly around here.

posted by  cinimod

Actually, it depends on the size of the nitrous jets he uses, which change the horsepower. So, if he's going for a 25-75 dry or wet, sys, then the car won't break down for awhile. However if this guy doesn't know a lot about cars and goes with a direct port sys., w/o building his motor, then either he's nuts or he's on something. In addition, a turbo, or even an sc (not recommended cuz at some piont it takes pwr from the engine) would be a BETTER choice. Because nitrous is temporary, but u get turbo/sc gains, all accross the powerband. yip

posted by  allroundcarguy2

The Corolla is built for two things. Reliability and Economy. You ruin both with that and it would be stupid running nitrous in a 17 second car to make it a 16.5 second car. First you need a better car to start with if you want to go fast.

posted by  thunderbird1100

This topic is interesting, i never thought i would hear this. Personally i suggest you to just get a better car. The Corolla has no potential...unless your running a Corolla GTS, but you said 2003. I have WAYYYY more respect for the Civic, due to the ability of being able to transplant motors. And a Supra 2jz fitting into a corolla?!?!? Is that even possible? Back to the subject, the corolla is a economy car, leave it that way. Instead, save up money and earn your interest and buy yourself a Eclipse, or old Supra.

:2cents: :2cents: :2cents:

posted by  aerith

Yeah, it'll need higher octane, cuz it jacks up the cylinder pressures sky high
:wink2: so, to prevent detonation, which'll massacre your pistons :ohcrap: you'll need it for both turbos, nitrous, and superchargers :2cents:

posted by  allroundcarguy2

yup, 2jz powered 1986 toyota corolla coupe, owned by my mechanic. he went with a single turbo set up cuz its more efficient and a TT set up was a bit too expensive for him, not to mention maintainance. ill take pictures with a digicam once my brother flies down to PR later on this month, thats a promise.

posted by  Inygknok

if you wanna charge your regular corolla with a turbo you gotta make your engine stronger
i heard lots of stories about guys who lost pistons + crank shafts because of putting turbo without making the engine more bulky and strong.

hell this engines aren't built for the kind of torque youll get with a turbo

"have you ever seen a piston jumps on the road through the oil sump?" :screwy:

i did !!!!

so funny
a chevy cavalier putting too much of weight on the gas pedal actualy made the piston brake the crank and flied through the oil sump right on the road , all the oil spilled on the road and the engine is gone !!!

7000 shekels for a new engine imported from america :thumbs:

the cavalier had only 200k km on the engine , not reliable i would say ! :banghead:

posted by  ILdriver

LMFAO. ROFL... nitrous.... corolla... *pointing and laughing*.Not to be an ass but nitrous has got to be the stupidest thing in the world. Unless your car can handle it. Nitro in a corolla (03) is like putting jack daniels in a babys bottle. shits gonna get ****ed.

posted by  jzxTT

all's fair in love and war...... and it's all worth it in the name of science.... :D

posted by  Inygknok

getting a nitrous system in your corolla would be deadly to your engine.
The easiest insatallation for forced induction would be the supercharger, you wouldn't have to mess with a million pipes lie you would when it comes to a turbo. I don't know, I might be mistaken, but the 03 corolla is a V6 3.0 liter, yeah, normally anything 2.5 and bigger, a supercharger is your game, plus no lag, constant power. Earlier the thought of a 2JZ, no whoever thought of that is retarded, the supra is rear wheel drive, THE '03 COROLLA IS FRONT WHEEL DRIVE! wow, great thought, and bringing up the fact that the 4A-GE was replaced a lot for the 2JZ is off the point cause the AE86 is rear wheel drive. Also, someone was talking about an mr2 engine, this guy wants to know if nitrous is a good idea, not doing chassis work, custom mounts, and God knows how many custom welding and cutting jobs. I would suggest basics, a throttle body, intake, a cat-back system, new headers, maybe even a stroker kit or new Cams. But remember If you dont know how to install something in its entirety, find someone who knows. The corolla has much potential, just as evey other car in the world, Ive seen a Geo Storm run 12's. Your car can be fast too. If you have real money to dump, drop in a 4cyl. and get a turbo.

posted by  s13_Drifter


posted by  jzxTT

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