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Does anyone know how to get a good lift of when racing a v8 toyota soarer. Sometimes i take of like a rocket and sometimes it takes its sweet arse time to get to 60km. After 60 it flys of but my start is crap. Its auto by the way. Can somone plz help???? 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

posted by  soarerdriver

Pay attention to what you did when you took off like a rocket.

posted by  57ock

put slicks on it and launch high

posted by  RichG

That is a sweet car, but to bad your take off sucks. One problem maybe your trans. HELLO it is an automatic! An automatic is simply a computer that does the shifting for you, which usually starts in 3rd gear. I bet your car picks up really well once it is above 40mph. Another thing, if you did any upgrading, the engine of your car may give out too much power to the trany. and may have to upgrade the tran. You can also convert your car into a standard, but that may be a pretty penny. The most simple solution may be this one:
1. When you are ready to race place your tran. on number one
2. Once you begin to race and increase your speed begin shifting up until you reach Drive. (You are shifting... the computer is not doing the shifting for you.. it is almost like driving a stick but you are not)

Automatics start in the third gear, which takes a while for the car to fully kick in or respond. In the other hand, standards start in the first gear which helps them kick in right away.

posted by  Smoky

Holy Smoky!! Talk about thread revival ... :banghead:

posted by  BavarianWheels

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