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Hey guys. I was wondering if there are good sites to learn how to install mods. I want to get chrom lights and a body kit onto my RSX but I don't know how to install them so I'm afraid to order the parts and waste $. Should I just go to a body shop and ask them to install it? If so, what kind of body shop does custom installs? Also, I always wondered what I do with the factory stock parts after you mod cars. Are there places where you can sell them; like can you sell them back to the dealers?

posted by  zipper

ok, when throwing a body kit on... its not to hard... you take off the old one (pretty simple) the only hard part is finding all of the screws and pins that hold it on. after theyre off it should either be takin off, or fall off... fall off isnt as good as take off. then you just put the new kid where the old stock one went and put the screws back in the holes. for lights... basically the same deal, only you have to switch out the bulbs. as for body shops, i dont know about you, but most of the import shops will usually offer to install it for you (it just costs more money). and for your old kit, there are a few things you can do. if it were me, id keep it... just incase you got into an accident and had to replace the kit (it would be right there) you could sell it to someone, someone you know, ebay etc... or, yes, you could probably take it back to the dealer, but you wouldnt get a whole lot for it.

posted by  mazda6man

I'd be glad to help.
I'm predicting you wish to install an already made kit, and not something custom? If so, then the process is quite manageable. First thing's is first, Remove all deliberating parts (which are pretty easy to access). Replace them with your new body components. Sand them down pretty well (I anticipate you know how the sanding process goes). Take the parts off again. base coat it with primer and pre-fit all parts;this is to balance out the gap spaces and make sure you're getting a proffesional look on all fittings. Remove parts again and take your kit to the pray booth, get the action going in there and once you're done, install all parts for the last time. If you want to go even further on the process, (making molds) I'd suggest you purchase a nice case of blending putty and hardner.

In cases of making custom bodykits. You must first construct your foam armature. Model upon that using industrial styled clay. Y2Klay works best, and once you have your shape, make a negative copy using Epoxy Gel (Tooling foam). Or you can pay a shop to fiberglass your design.

In your case of installing tailights, It's quite simple actually.
1.Open trunk to gain access to your old mounting points.
2.Unscrew your bolts and disattach all wiring.
3.Bring in your new set of tailights.
4.Connect your standard wires to the new lights.
5.Bolt them in place(Udjust them for correct fitting.
6. Close lid and wholla you're done.

Well, hope this helped you out a bit. :wink2: :mrgreen: :wink2: :mrgreen:

posted by  Forum Security

Thanks a lot guys, this really helps. :thumbs: Now all I have to do is find the screws.. Screws, screws, screws, where are all the SCREWS!? Get some kits and I'm good to go. Wish me luck with my first project. I just hope I don't kill myself in the process... :screwy:

One more question.. Seriously, how do I reach those screws and bolds? I mean they're not outside so I'm guessing their bolted from the inside. Are they accessible from under the car?

posted by  zipper

for the body kit, look under the hood, under wheel wells, you might have to take out some of your trunk interior, and open your doors for the side skirts.
for the lights, pop your hood, and they should be found somewhere near the headlight... one would assume anyways

posted by  mazda6man

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