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Greetings, I am currently looking into buying a new car. I've test driven many fine luxury sedans in my past years and thought of trading in my Acura Legend. Can any one suggest what I should go with? The lexus or Infiniti, budget doesn't matter. I want constructive replies that are backed up with facts. I dont want an answer as "Get the Lexus because it looks better" kind of thing. If there's anyone out there who knows the two companies, please share your experiences. Can you reccomend any other company that ranges from $45,000-$85,000?

Thanks in advance.

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First off, let me include "WOW". You have plenty of money to spend on a car.
I hope to god you are not bullshitting me and the forum about yourself or your budget.
Having said that, lets get started.

First, if you looked at the recent JD Power and Associates' ratings, they listed that cars bearing the lexus name had the fewest problems. Also, lexus is well known for their excellent customer service. I believe infiniti came a close 2nd in that list.

Next. There are many other companies that sell cars within your price range. Luxury brands include, Acura, Mercedes, and BMW among others.

With such a wide number of cars in your price range, it is impossible to suggest one for you. You need to give more information about your preferences, biases, and needs.

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Thanks mate, Just so this is clear to everyone, i'm not rich and been saving up for this moment for ove 15 yrs. You make a pt. that there's only a thousand different choices for my budget, so i'll limit it down a notch. I'm specifically looking at a sport/luxury sedan preferrably in the mid 50G-60G but if the tag goes a bit higher, than that's not a big problem.

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nice avatar, i sported that when i first joined this site. its an awesome car

well, i have only seen cars in that budget, never driven or even touched one :laughing: But ill do what i can.

if your budget is that high, then you can go well beyond an es330 or an i35.
I get most of my info from, and they happen to have a long list of luxury vehicles. They happen to have favorites, and i would go with those. Check it out
here ( &aff=national)
It looks like the LS430 an the Audi A8 are the best in your price range.

Im sure others will try to sway you to buy BMWs *cough* Bav *cough* but hopefully that list gives you an idea of what you can get at that price range.

PS. One car i didnt see on there is the Audi RS6. That car is such a beast, great performance but im not sure about the price.

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I want an intro from you but it doesn't look like I'm going to get one, if you ever feel the need, click on the relevent link in my sig... :banghead:

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Cliffys point aside, Have you considered Audi? They offer excellent cars in that price range, i'm not sure of the cost in dollars (i'm in the UK) but i believe that the S4 and maby even the RS6 could meet your requirments and "budget"... Audi have a superb build quality, are very refined and their "S" models (sport models..) are very competative and dynamic when need be and yet can let you travel in style and comfort.. :thumbs:

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Thanks for the info importluva and everyone else. :wink2:

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