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Just leave ya answers to the questions with a few notes about 4-5 sentences long to sum this up real longer please!

What would win, Supra vs Skyline?

1. Stock quarter mile race
2. Modified track race
3. Modified quarter mile race
4. What would you prefer

keep it short and simple please! :thumbs:

posted by  WeaponR

Skyline stock takes the quartermile. I don't care what importluva says about AWD being walked. He does'nt even drag race he would'nt know...Facts on AWD my ass. And I would prefer the Skyline, Supras lick balls(all toyotas do)

posted by  DSMer

OK! :laughing:

do you drag race by any chance DSMer?

ohh n btw, do u live n e wher near rockford?

posted by  WeaponR

No not by Rockford, yeah I drag race all the time. Funny story actually I drag raced in a friends of mines Supra TT(with my own money on the line or course) I got whupped by a 1g TSI AWD Talon. He was only pushing about 400WHP this guys supra had about at least close to 620WHP. Fayaz(guys who owned the supra) told me the launch RPMS and everything I matched them up I launched well off the line but my wheels were just spinning for a few seconds and the Talon was allready back to my front. So when the Supra finally jumped I shifted to second and this guy by now was at least 1 car ahead of me. I got into 3rd and he was still a ways away by now I was allreay well over 80MPH(I don't remember). When I did get to 4rth gear I started catching up to him. But by then we were allready 3/4rths of the way through the race. I got into 5th and I got just by side enough of him I could see his door handle and I looked over and saw the guy in the Honda at the end marking the 1/4rth mile. I had lost the race, not by much but by about a 3-4 feet distance. AWD cars dominate the 1/4th because by the time you get on gaining him in a RWD at about 110 MPH the race is near done and if hes got some spray you can forget it. It was close, possibly if I would have raced him again I could have gotten him but for the majority my shifts were on point and he said he messed up on his launch a little. So he may have beaten me by about a 1 cars distance next time...

So yah if its two RWD Supras and Skylines that would be a hell of a drag, but a AWD Skyline would will win almost everytimg..

posted by  DSMer

i was just askin' cos i got a few family and friends over there and i just realised your from IL too so i thought i'd ask. no worries

WOW! wish we could drag race over here in britain....we have to wait till we're 17 though just to learn how to drive and then when we're 18, we can take the test and if we pass, get a drivin' license.

any way thanks for sharin' that with me (us)'s about time i get some sleep! it's almost 1 in the mornin' over here :laughing: late nights hey! :wink2:

God Bless

posted by  WeaponR

Yeah that sucks, I can pretty much drive anything I want at 16, but I was street racing when I drove the Supra in the back of a warehouse in Cicero..

posted by  DSMer

the skyline's AWD actually kicks in in 2nd gear if im not mistaken due to its ATTESA system.

im only gonna give my quick answer and stay out of this discussion, just cuz i know that every reply a person gives is going to get flamed and bitched at and another kiddy fight will start all over again.

1) a tie, both cars have been known to run the same times in quarter mile, sometimes one faster than the other, goes both ways

2) modded track race.... skyline wins if there are enough tight turns to stay away from the supra, since the supra will probably be just as fast as the skyline in straightaways n such, the skyline will be able to get away in tight turns, otherwise, the supra will stand a chance.

3) modded 1/4, good question, i dunno how well the same mods affect each car exactly, so ill just root for the supra since i like it more than the skyline, sorry

4) do i really need to say wat would i prefer? :P :)

posted by  Inygknok

The skyline is in a whole another category, b/c its RWD/AWD, thanks to ATTESA. Id go with the skyline anyday, any generation, but preferably the R34.

DSMer, this is for you.

1. I find it hard to believe that a 16yr old is trusted with a 600+rwhp car.
2. Im disappointed to know that you drag on the streets.
3. And yes, you are right, i dont drag on the streets and i dont go to the track b/c i dont have a car that is strictly mine.

posted by  importluva

i know i promised not to say anything else on this thread, but i just had to say, im with wat importluva said. i think it can be noticed WHY i didnt wanna reply anymore to this thread and its simply since DSMer would just start another argument which would be pointless, not much of an offence intended but its the truth.

ive driven my old boss's Modena, but it was strictly with him by my side (i was 18 at the time, was a few months ago), and he wouldnt let me speed much (max of 70 on a road that usually gets really busy, but it was during the morning and it was empty) cuz obviously, i had to be responsible n so did he, n it was his car n he would have killed me if i had done something to it :P. but i have driven cars like those in my much younger days, but it was just around the block at like 20mph inside urbanizations. i dont see how anyone would lend such a powerfull car to race and even be betting money. no matter how good the kid is, it would be just plain irresponsible. cruising around, fine, no one will get hurt for a quick round trip at legal speeds, but for a race? thats too much.

also, the whole drag racing in the streets is very irresponsible. sure, i have done it, i wont lie, but i know it was wrong from my behalf n i almost got hurt and others almost got hurt quite a few times. once, raced against a guy with my same supra, n he almost crashed 3 times in the same race cuz he didnt know how to brake in time nor dodge traffic, braked so hard that the tires started throwing up alot of smoke n pulled off a 90 degree turn stop.

but ok, enough stories. i know how it feels to wanna race in the streets, hell, i just got over that phase around 2-3 years ago. i never had the chance to go to the track with my own car since it broke down completely and i had some problems with my money.... so my plans got set back. still, i myself got many younger friends wanting fast cars n such, one whom im currently helping out, but i gotta repeat the same things every single day to him, NO street racing, NO showing off in public places, NO betting the pink slip, NO wreckless driving, NO using full power of the car without MY personal supervision.

i think u should get a friend like that n pay him to smack u every time u even think about racing in the streets :P

posted by  Inygknok

Haha whats the matter m8, don't think I can handle it? Besides trust is something you earn not something you are given. If I walked up to a guy on a street and just asked him for his keys well you know what happens there. But this guy(whom I've known for 2 years or so) very well trust me with his car.. As I would him with mine. Drag on the streets, dissapointed? Don't knock until you try.. N I would appreciate you not trying to pull that 16yr old crap on me... again as you said you don't even own a car. Remember importluva "one who drag races merly needs to hold the wheel straight, and if one can't do taht then one can't drive" If thats what you think it is, am I not capable of holding a wheel straight? Surely the most unexperienced of people can do I not right?

posted by  DSMer

Holy smokes...600WHP, pfft. Its not as bad as it sounds... you make it seem like I had a top fuel dragster under my ass. Again as I noted, I said the back of a warehouse. I've never raced on a street with lines and traffic. Then again I've never crashed a car or even got into an accident. I've lost control of many cars... I lost control of a GrandMarquis in the snow doing a turn on a corner (at 20mph *you're safe at NO speed*) The car began to spin I simply turned into the spin, at wich point the car did a full 360 and the car kicked back I could feel traction and I stopped continued on about my business. The reason your boss drove side by side with you is because.
A) its a very expensive car
B) you were'nt registered for it
c) he just plain did'nt trust your ability to drive it.
I doubt it had anything to do with responsibility, if it was some beat up car he would have handed you the keys.

With my case I drove his car and:
A) It was very expensive
B) It was very fast
but most an foremost
C) he trusted my ability to drive his car

Not to mention I was strapped into a nice pair of sparcos and a roll cage, so I was'nt sweating it. Yeh my girl tells me all the time she does'nt like me street racing. Cause she thinks I'm gonna die or something.. Its possible but, fear is no exchange for pure adrenaline...I've driven on tracks, i practiced on a 1/8th before I even thought about going onto the streets. I've dragged a few of my friends cars. Its not so much being irresponsible, but more that we trust each others driving ability. When it rains I'll go into an empty parking lot and just do about 40 and slam on my brakes and watch as my car spins out. I'll do it again and perfect it until I can keep my car under control. Practice makes good, not saying that I'm invincible but as long as I street race I'll take as many percautions as I can... N stop getting so bogged out about the Supra, it has balls but not enough to scare me.(haha n I'm still scared to ride a bike :laughing: )

posted by  DSMer




posted by  WeaponR

I'm not really sure but can the current G35(Skyline) really carry the Skyline name? I hear its a good car and everything but it just doesn't seem like a Skyline, doesn't carry its character.

Sorry a bit off topic. I pick Supra over Skyline although Skyline would probably win in a 1/4 mile drag.

posted by  zipper

Well, you are only a 16yr old, you couldnt have had a license for too long, and therefore little experience in driving, but there are always expections.

Drags on the street are illegal for many reasons. I wont go into the details, as im sure you are well aware. But as a 16yr old, your thoughts are not fully developed and you are more prone to act out of impulse than reason, thats why i question your actions. Drag racing puts lives in danger and can get you hefty fines, suspended license, or even jail time.

Its funny how so many kids brag about which car is faster, get agitated when others drive agressively, and feel the need to prove themselves and their car. Most have little self-control and dont use their heads. Im afraid you have become one of these.

And regarding my lack of having a car, that has nothing to do with how much driving experience i already have, and how many i hours i spent practicing defensive driving.

posted by  importluva

DSMer, i really have to agree with what Importluva has just said. No hatred with you or any body else on this forum but, you do seem one of them guys. just carm down a little and try be a little more friendly. :thumbs:

posted by  WeaponR

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