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Hi Im new to this forum I own a Blue 1994 GSR with front lip and a Type R wing, and Im thinking about doing a JDM front end conversion what do you guys think about this Carbon front end, any one have pics of this conversion that they could post for me, that would really help me out
I found this link earlier on today, what do you guys think?


any help would be appreiciated

also, does anyone know how to free up my rear brake sliders? mine are super stuck


posted by  boob_doc

u would be MUCH better off asking for help in an Integra based forum. try a search engine in google, yahoo, altavista, or msn for integra forums. im sure that there are plenty of those out there.

i would love to help ya out, but i got no idea on ur second question, oh, and the link doesnt work.

posted by  Inygknok

you might need to post and intro in the Introduction board before you get full help from everyone. doesn't have to be an essay, just a quick hello would do :wink2:

www.honda-tech.com, that should do the trick :thumbs:

btw, the link doesn't work

(if you can't see the link above thats becos the mods have taken it off. in that case go to google, search for 'honda tech' and click on your first result :thumbs: )

posted by  WeaponR

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