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i am preparing for a new car and these are the two candiates:

infinit g35 coupe 6-speed

mazda rx-8

what would be better: i really think the g35 is better/styling/hp/torque

posted by  EpyonMelee

Looks like you have your answer already.

Your opinion probably has the most weight here.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Well, are you planning to add any mods to your new car... If yes I would say the RX-8. Unfortunately, the g35 is the Skyline of Japan and from what I have read it is not that great. Style the g35 may look better, but I think you can get more out of the Rx 8.

posted by  Smoky

Tough call, but it really depends on what you plan to use the car for, and what you value most in a car.

RX-8 is a good handler, and a practical sports car with those 4 doors. It has little low end torque, thanks to the rotary. Its has exceptional styling, very smooth. This car is not built for drag racing, it belongs in the twisties. Look for the mazdaspeed version that should be out soon, that will pack a little more punch.

The G35c is also a very very good car. Very good engine, plenty of hp and torque, very smooth, and good styling. This car is not as fast as the 350z, but certainly faster that the RX in drag, im not sure about the twisties. This car is not the pure sports car that the RX-8 is, more of a luxury cruiser.

posted by  importluva

The G35 coupe is probably a more "livable" car for daily driving. It's a pretty quick luxury sport coupe that you don't have to rev the hell out of to get power...on the other hand I'm sure the RX8 would be a fun week-end cruiser but I think it would get mighty tiresome on a daily basis, not to mention if you get stuck in a traffic jam. Plus, the G35 makes such a sweet exhaust note :drool:

posted by  Sick88Tbird

IMO, the RX-8 takes the styling over the G35. The G35 is a pretty ugly car - but the coupe is definitely the better looking one...

I read that the current RX-8 is not at its max potential yet and that Mazda is going to release a more powerful version in the future. That's just what I read in a mag somewhere.

The rotary, although cool, is still a virtually unexplored technology compared to the pistons. That means that it'll be more expensive to maintain and such. And the low torque is a definite drawback.

RX-8 is cheaper than the G35 though. But Infiniti seems to have a good reputation for reliable vehciles, so maybe in the long run the G35 will be cheaper to own.

If you like the G35 styling over the RX-8, then I'd say go with the G35.

posted by  MaChao

i've decided to get the coupe

posted by  EpyonMelee

Good choice :thumbs: If you are into mods, then you'll have to wait a few years for the aftermarket to develop. But you have many parts that are interchangeable with the 350z. Enjoy!

posted by  importluva

And to think...you had your answer yesterday.

posted by  BavarianWheels

LOL i just loves bav's 2 post in this thread :laughing:

posted by  Ki2AY

It really all depends on what you want

Power: RX8
Luxury: G35
Tourque: G35
Hp: RX8

In My oppion i would take an RX8 its just the way they look and feel and i like the rotary :thumbs:

posted by  87TurboII

the above is wrong. the g35 wins in all the categories listed above.

posted by  importluva

Yeah, Importluva's right, the g35 does win in all the categories above. I would pick the G35, my choice is not based on looks. The engine and suspension in the G35 is much better then the RX-8. The RX-8 is rotary after all, not enough time for owners to rate its reliability yet. But the previous Rotaries had bad gas efficency and bad reliability. And plus, Nissan is giving the G35 the ATTESA system used in the skyline. You know the system that gives any amateur driver the ability to look like a pro? Personally i think that the G35 looks better, but that is personal preference. The G35 has better acceleration then the 350z i think, but the 350z has the higher top speed. At least i think so, i am not sure. :wink2:

posted by  aerith

yup. heres some real specs to show the G35 whups the RX

197 hp @ 7200 rpm
164 lb-ft @ 5000 rpm

238 hp @ 8500 rpm
159 lb-ft @ 5500 rpm


260 hp @ 6,000 rpm
260 lb-ft @ 4,800 rpm


so we see the G35 smokes the RX-8 in power, hp, AND torque.

oh and 87TurboII...isnt "Power" and "HP" the same thing?

posted by  SuperJew

:laughing: Well said.

posted by  importluva

lol, yeah, ive seen the ATTESA system at work. The driver swore he was an amateur, and he was taking turns as fast as an experienced pro. Who knew a couple of silicon chips can give a newbie the ability to look like a pro. The pros out there i didnt say the skill, the "looks". haha :laughing:

posted by  aerith

Your thinking in terms of 4 stroke engines not rotarys like comparing a fuel cell to an orange

posted by  cinqyg

i have a vid (japanese) where S2k, Skyline (non-GTR), JDM WRX, Integra-R, Rx-8, and Miata race at a track. its 16mbs, id post it up if someone can host it.

posted by  importluva

I cant help but feel that the integra and the miata are out of place. But it all depends on the driver, soo, ANY1 WANT TO HOST IT?!?! i want to watch it. lol

posted by  aerith

It doesnt look like anyone will. The cars win in the order that i typed above. S2k destroyed them all.

posted by  importluva

Trust me G35 is way better! It will last you a way longer time. faster, tourqe, and looks, and more to it. I just bought one... and i used to have an RX8/// my brother has a 350Z and is faster than the g35 because its more light ... so if i were you i would rather go with the g35 or 350z...

posted by  part-2007

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