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Does anyone know if the suspension has changed at all with the coil springs from the 2003 model to the 2004 model? I called a Honda dealership and they couldnt even tell me in the parts shop which scared me. :ohcrap:

The reason why im asking is because I notice most places right now only have upgrade performance parts listed all the way up to the 2003, probally because no one has updated there parts lists yet...??

posted by  walker

don't know if this answers your question but the civic si hfp has been updated a little from the si 2004. i don't know if these updates are also on the si 2004.

have a read....(copied straight out of a mag :wink2: )

Beginning in mid-December, Civic Si can be equipped with a new Honda Factory Performance accessory package sold at Honda dealers. The kit includes suspension elements that lower the car approximately one inch and enhance handling performance with aggressively tuned shocks and springs. The Honda FP kit also adds 17-inch wheels and high performance tires. The MSRP for the package will be approximately $4,000 plus dealer installation.

Chassis/Suspension Modifications

HFP suspension (track-tuned shocks and springs)
17x7 alloy wheels
High performance Yokohama AVS ES 100 215/45-R17 87W tires
Exterior Modifications

Hatch spoiler
Under-body aero kit
HFP badging
Integrated exhaust finishers
Interior Modifications

HFP shift knob
Carbon fiber trim kit
Engine cover
HFP emblem kit

that answer your question?

posted by  WeaponR

Thanks for the info. I didnt know the dealership sold a performance kit package.

posted by  walker

you do now! it looks nice too, have a look.....

posted by  WeaponR

You like that thing?!?

Man, I liked the coupe sooo much better.

posted by  rvl123

Thats what im sayin.

posted by  importluva

I personally like the Civic Si Hatchback. It is a nice car, too bad it only takes premium. ALOT of power for such a small vehicle. Think of the power to weight ratio :hi: I like the concept of the rally style dash shifter as well. The distance between the wheel and the stick is much smaller, therefore making it a whole lot easier to shift. Nice car though, the exterior is all personal preference though. But havent you noticed? Honda is giving itself a whole new face-lift. Almost all of the Acura line has been replaces. Except for the RL, which is coming soon and it looks FREAKING awesome!!!! 300 non-turbo hp, and super luxurious. What i like most about them is instead of taking a honda body and then giving it a new badge (excluding the EL and MDX) and tries to resell it for more like toyota and there lexus'.

posted by  aerith

Yeah I'm with you and importluva on that one. The Si Coupe is way better, but you may change your mind if you read the May 04 Super Street. The Civic Si Hatback challenge was nice. I'm sure you can find pics of the winner wich was the Momo Civic, nice car..

posted by  DSMer

Being a civic kid i know quite a bit about them.

I much prefer the 5th & 6th generation civics than the new one's

As for the Civic Si its a cool car but the Type R is far more impressive 2.0 VTEC 6 speed awwwww yes :drool:

Theres also a Civic Mugen Si thats suppose to be a real monster and comes with some cool stuff but this will probably extremely rare, using a 1998cc K20 DC5R straight 4 engine and 6-speed transmission with a limited slip differential that produces 240BHP and 179.0 Kw of power wooo. Still i think any Civics rock none the less.

posted by  Lukaz

Mmm Mugen.. :drool: ... almost as good as a few civics with Spoon engines :)

posted by  DSMer

well i just posted the pics so that you could have a look lol i do like it, i think it is nice but i like the 6th gen type r better.

Spoon Sports certainly props these Honda's up for some action and Mugen! i got a magazine from america (yes, i order my mags from america cos the the mags over here don't contain much about cars....they focus more on women/babes :hi: i think you all understand - more filth than cars!) and it featured a Mugen S2000 (alongside King Motorsport which i believe is Mugen's official North American distributor) and i have to say, the car is fab! the only bad thing (it's also funny) i read was the seats are narrow and so if your a big-mac eater....opt for a change of seats cos they are only designed for them slim waist japanese guys :laughing: thats what i read any way....gues it's true.

any one heard of Amuse? i think they work with a few Honda's too, the S2K in particular.

posted by  WeaponR

You could save alot more money by sorting out your own set of coil overs and wheels/tires. ALOT MORE even with labor to have them installed.
rota slipstream or any other rota wheel, lightweight under 14 pounds can be saught in 15/16 " wheel size. under 500 bucks for all four

Tein basic coil over, 990 bucks. things can be saught cheaper with just springs and shocks sepertly like.
a coil over kit for about 350 dollars
then you purchase shocks, tokiko, Bilstein, Koni.. whatever, a True coil over from Tien is better.
Tires, Nuff said.

posted by  Arthur

since when is that a bad thing? :D

posted by  Inygknok

cos you see, some people want to open a car mag up and find cars not half naked women!

aint a bad thing but there are times when you just want cars, JUST CARS! nothin' else :wink2:

posted by  WeaponR

:smoke: yep in britan you cant buy a car mag unless its top gear without seeing pictures of nude women in them.

Weapon R and any other british lad will know the following examples

Max power, Redline, Revs and fast car uk its more boobs than vrooom. But theese mags are all about little boy racers in the 1.0 cars thinking there supercars im still sorta in them days :ohcrap:

Still i anit complaining :wink2:

posted by  Lukaz

yeah lukaz...i got you on that one!


thats why i get quality mags from the states!

posted by  WeaponR

:banghead: opps can someone remove this post was post #18 but i made an error n send 2 posts . :doh: Duhhh

posted by  Lukaz

Ive never seen an american car mag

how do you get hold of them?? cos im thinking they replace my max power mags that rot under my bed for my mum to find and question what was i doing with them under my bed errr :ohcrap: yea im busted lol :laughing:

posted by  Lukaz

you buy them online with a credit/debit card.

posted by  WeaponR

cool you got any good links where to buy them from WeaponR :thumbs:

posted by  Lukaz

.com :thumbs:

posted by  WeaponR

The Mugen si is a great car but for 50k i'll take my money's elsewhere.

posted by  Solar

Self-Edit...that's nice! :thumbs: :laughing:

posted by  BavarianWheels

sssshhhh Bav. :laughing:

posted by  WeaponR

50 k is a lot! but then again you looked at parts from mugen and spoon sports? Not cheap chap! but your right i wouldnt spend that much id setlle for a civic Type R :mrgreen:

posted by  Lukaz

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