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I got these reverse indigo gauges for my 96 Eclipse GS. I have them installed and everything...I just need to know which wire to connect the red wire to, was thinking of using the power supply from the dimmer switch....does anyone know what color wire that is, or have a better suggestion? Any help would be appreciated.....Thanks

posted by  MitsEclipse96GS

Its connects to any 12v power source. Somewhat similar to the wiring in my 92 GST but im not sure where that would be. I would'nt suggest attaching it to the dimmer switch, no telling what that might turn into. But um yeah there are plenty of cables that run from the battery into the cabin so the other wire should be red with a connecter tha looks as if it accepts the one you have. I'm not to fancy on the male female leads but yeah thats about it, if you don't know just get a wiring guide or look in your manual..

posted by  DSMer

hook it up to the illumination wire. you can get to it from the back of the fog light switch. its a green wire with a white line

posted by  nektratta

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