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Prototype 2005 Acura RL, 300hp NA V6 engine, AWD, sophisticated 4WD system. Do i hear rally possibilities? Here are some pics. I knew this was coming, since Acura replaced all their previous models. Looks like they did a good job. Better looking then alot of Mercedes i have sat in. hahah. Good Job Acura! :clap: 5/Acura/100197761/029697-E.jpg 5/Acura/100197761/029698-E.jpg 5/Acura/100197761/029709-E.jpg 5/Acura/100197761/029706-E.jpg
(this is sporty looking) 5/Acura/100197761/029699-E.jpg

posted by  aerith

Dude, that interior and gauge cluster is pimp. It kinda reminds me of the inside of a BMW with the woodgrain flowing paralell to the floor and roof. It appears to have some sort of dashboard computer, give us some links to where I can find information. I would never wanna rally that car its to beautiful to tear apart for rallying, also it looks a lil to long to be rallying. When that comes out, that WILL be one of Acuras pride n joys nice car. Would look even better sitting on some chromies, and a nice turbo under the hood.

posted by  DSMer

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