98 gs-t or 01 gts??

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hey im in the market for a new car and i kno i want a mitsu eclipse spyder. the older ones, 1997-99, come with 210 hp wit a turbo and the new ones come with 210 hp w/o one. i kno the 210 w/o is faster, but which one would you guys pick? based on performance and styling.. i cant decide!!! :banghead: :doh:

posted by  10sec98eclipse

Not being too keen on the Asian cars...I'd say go with the non-turbo. You may be able to pull more out of it adding one later or adding other things.

Just don't add a shopping cart handle...!!

posted by  BavarianWheels

get an older one a gsx it has all wheel drive , which will give you quicker starts off the line and be better off than the v-6 plus awd has better handling

posted by  nektratta

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