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well, i convinced that friend of mine that was going to get a camaro to get a 180 or a 240 or a 280 instead. i prefer the nissan since its obviously ALOT more reliable, durable, alot more cost effective, and so much cheaper to maintain and upgrade. not to mention, its alot easier to control.

anyhow, ive heard that there r different types of sr20's. i know its the same engine from the s13 all the way to the late model s15, but with upgrades such as a bigger turbo and better oil passages, etc., but ive heard that there is also such sr20's as the blacktop one, etc.

i wanted to know, wat r all the different versions and wat are their differences, pros, and cons?

also, how much would an engine + trans conversion kit go for?

posted by  Inygknok

sr20det for around 2,000, idk check ebay

posted by  veilsideksyline

yea my bad....

anyhow, i already found the different models and costs, so im ok.

posted by  Inygknok

Get the Red top SR20. It just looks better, althought I think the BlackTop's stock turbo is larger.. And I dont know about 2k for a Nissan SR20 AND Tranny. More like 2500+

posted by  DSMer

it might be cheaper to break a car yourself, as you want the most valuable bits off it.

posted by  cinqyg

Break a car? Are you saying for him to get his own half cut?

posted by  DSMer

as in find a rolled one and take the bits off you want and sell the rest that why you make the money not the scrap broaker

posted by  cinqyg

oh the car aint for me.... i swore my following 2 cars would be Supras aswell as my 1st car. its for a friend of mine. im in charge of everything going on with his car.

i told him to get a 240sx since its a great platform. i was going to order him an rb20det, but the parts r too much of a hassle to get if ur not in europe or japan or australia, so i stuck with the sr20det instead until he gets a bit older and can have big boy's cars.

and yea, i was going for the redtop sr20det. its cheap, and the pentroof design gives it an edge. anyhow, the blacktop version only has more hp cuz its turbo is slightly bigger, not cuz of its VTC. thats something easily overriden with a slightly larger turbo which is going to be bought anyhow.

thanks though.

posted by  Inygknok

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