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8O What do you think of the 350Z??? Have your say. :D

posted by  Ralli

get the RX8, rotary rules the z is not worth the money

posted by  csramsey8074

the hell its not, 3.5 l Engine. Great body good handling, Powerful and a good platform to build on. sure the rx8 is nice but it doenst have anythying near the amount of torque the 350z does.

posted by  Arthur

yeah but have you ever owned and RX7 or rotary engine car, even driving my 302 v8 isnt the same, besides, I've never driven a nissan I liked, and the 350 is so damned small inside, I feel I had more room in my Miata

posted by  csramsey8074

it packs the punch, for the cheapest price, and it aint that bad lookin either

posted by  bLen

rotaries are okay, dey dunt hav as much moving parts as da piston engine, so it has a smoother turbo delivery and a smoother ride, but dey take much much more gas den a piston engine, and parts ar hard 2 find, and alot of mod parts are unattainable. my old car was an fc, i didnt like it mcuh, onli 2seater and it wuz hard 2 look 4 a mechanic dat could deal w/ rotaries. so im finkin of buildin mah own lancer evo5 now :D lancers kick ass!!

posted by  fury604

Snoopewite, could you please interpret this for me? Thanks old chum. 8)

posted by  vwhobo

fine i will write this in english also. Rotary engines are okay. They do not have as much moving parts as the piston engine, so it delivers a smoother turbo and a smoother ride. But they consume more gas than a normal piston engine. The parts are also hard to find. My old car was an FC or (aka 1990 Mazda Rx-7). I did not like it much, since its onli a 2 seater and it was hard to look for a mechanic that could deal with rotary engines. So i am thinking of putting together an Lancer Evolution 5, since mitsubishi did not sell the lancer evos here in canada. I know that Lancer Evolutions are currently illegal in Canada, but once Mitsubishi releases their 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution here, next year. A dumb insurance guy cannot tell the difference between a Evolution 5 or Evolution 8. :D

posted by  fury604

out right and open i love the 350z, i looks as bad as hell :thumbs:

posted by  rstifle3000

try the nissan maxima 03 GLE, there nice and roomy and have the same engin under the hood.

posted by  rstifle3000

If this poll was still opened I'd vote for the Dreamcast :laughing:

posted by  fudge

way to revive an old thread :thumbs:

posted by  glagon1979

Why do you bring up threads that are over two years old? :screwy:

posted by  nsupra27

WTF with a capital W, T and F. :screwy:

That's the biggest, useless poll I have every seen. :banghead:

posted by  GreekWarrior

I think the Skyline won...what was the point of reviving this thread though :doh:

I think the 350Z is a damn nice car...problem solved :laughing:

posted by  chris_knows

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