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Hmmm, the accord that we get in North America is actually called the "Inspire" in Japan. And the TSX is the accord the rest of the world gets. (I already knew this, ahah) I'm assuming that the rumored TSX Type S is the Accord Euro R. But what about the Accord Coupe; Inspire Coupe? And what about the TL and the RL? Are those exclusive cars to North America? Cause i doubt any other continents will have them, if the japanese do not have the TL and RL themselves. I am speaking of the new RL, cause i am aware that the previous generation RL was produced in Asia as well. Under the name of Honda Legend i think.

posted by  aerith

already done this once... but hey, its fun

-acura RL + Honda legend


jdm euro accord = TSX

euro accord

integra =RSX

and ETC...

if you want... go to its kinda easy to navigate through... for me anyways, just look at the bottem of your browser as you put your mous over a link, and you can see what it will go to. have fun

posted by  mazda6man

well it makes sence to rebadge as translations work. VW in the 70's prime example

posted by  cinqyg

and just to add in...over here in the states there's the TSX as an Acura and the accord, which looks like this:

posted by  SuperJew

i don't think we got the TL and RL over here in the UK (Europe)

posted by  WeaponR

do you guys have the legend in the europe?

posted by  mazda6man

yeah, we got the Honda Legend in Europe....a guy who lives a few streets away has got one....real massive cars! of course for you americans, thats like standard right? :laughing:

posted by  WeaponR

Well, if you guys do not have the TL and RL, you guys are missing alot. I am pretty sure the new RL is going to be re-badged as the Legend over there. But the TL is not available to anywhere else but North America. At least to my knowledge.

posted by  aerith

holy shit balls man!! :laughing: that TL looks incredible!! some one do me a favour and ship one over for me from the states, PLEASE!! :wink2:

guy that car just looks ace! the performance must be ok to huh?

i think we are missin' or should that be are goin' to be missin' out! :cry:

posted by  WeaponR

Yep, pretty good performance 270hp Naturally Aspirated V-6 Engine. Probaly best looking and performing import luxury sedan in its class.

posted by  aerith

sure is! whats the price tag on it?

posted by  WeaponR

$32,650 (US of course)

posted by  mazda6man

to my workin' out in my head that makes it £18,000?

and why didn't you put the dollar symbol like this...$ and then we'll know it's in dollars! only kiddin' :laughing: of course i know it's in dollars...the whole world knows that symbol :wink2:

back to track...not a bad price really for the comfort and power that you're gettin' :thumbs: a nice car with nice looks and reasonable power topped up with a decent price that's what i feel any way.

posted by  WeaponR

then again, i could have meant canadian that it would be worth about £1... haha im a funny canadian slamming guy... but yeah, back on track, id say its probably worth the price

posted by  mazda6man

yeah, glad you agree

say, could you try and ship one over for us? :wink2: i'd be very thankful :thumbs:

posted by  WeaponR

That TL is nice, its almost reminds me of an Acura version of the Diamante.. Nice looking car. I wan't one NOW! :thumbs:

posted by  DSMer

well go get 1 DSMer and whislt you're at it, get me 1 too :thumbs:

just another reason why i wish i lived in the states :banghead: you guys get some cool stuff that we don't, not fair! but then again, we get some stuff that you don't so it kinda works out right :wink2: but i still want to live in the states

posted by  WeaponR

id actually rather live in japan... where they have basically everything

posted by  mazda6man

hmm yeah, won't mind japan but there is a few things which america has that japan don't and i want those things too :thumbs:

please guys....don't start postin' stupid things and gues'es's childish!

posted by  WeaponR

WeaponR do not complain! :orglaugh: You guys get all the versions of the Evolution, even versions that the rest of the world doesnt have, like the Zero fighter version, or the FQ340, and the list goes on. And you guys get to see skylines regularly. The only time i have ever seen one is in an Auto Show. And your soo close to germany, take vacations to Germany just to drive on the Autobahn. :hi:

posted by  aerith

I'd rather be in Japan for two reasons:
1. They have better names for cars. Ex. G35->Skyline
Damn it Skyline is such a better name.
2. I would feel tall(er) there. I'm so short... :evil:

posted by  zipper

Well, names arent important to me, cause you can change them easily :screwy:
Its just the release dates for the import cars. The MR came out for them already, well it came out a LONG time ago for them. :cussing:

Yeah, back to the topic. Does anyone out there that does not reside in North America that has seen the TL or seen it under a different name?

posted by  aerith

:laughing: well.....yeah, we are closer to Germany huh :wink2:

i still want a TL though! :wink2: just as bad as you want an FQ-340. check this out...some company who is responsible for developin' the FQ upgrades over here has brought out a tubro kit which makes the Evo an FQ-450! :drool: i think i'd rather live where i am now :laughing:

posted by  WeaponR

I agree 100%. I would love to get me hands on a R34 GT-R, used. I heard they are prety cheap.

posted by  importluva

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