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Hey guys, just another thread we can all mull over.

Id like you all to choose one based on logical reasoning, not just for pure aesthetic appeal or drag performance. Consider categories such as Power, Comfort, MPG, Dependibility, N/A vs Turbo, Mod Potential, Features,Crash Testing, etc. Post your reasons and give the winner based on the stated categories.

Hopefully with your help, i can solve the dilemma in my sig.

posted by  importluva

i dont think they like this.

posted by  MOPAR

I think turboing is a great idea to get (almost) free horsepower. This is partly why I would choose the STi. Also, it's more "usuable", because it has four doors, instead of two.

posted by  abless

Yeah I don't even see how these two are compared. I would think the STi wins just because it has similar or greater performance with 4 doors. I absolutley hate the seating in Z's. I test drove one and they should offer free ball wipes for how sweaty your nuts get sitting all cramped up.

posted by  DSMer

Oh come on guys, i was expecting much more from you all. Ok, how about we deal with individual categories and state the winner in each.

Power? Goes to the STi

Comfort? Im guessing to the Z


Dependibility? ???

N/A vs Turbo? Is it better to have a N/A car with the possibility of adding F/I in the future, Or have a car that is already turbo'd?

Mod Potential? Im guessing for now its the STi, but the Z has 6cyl and 3.5l displacement!!! A TT kit with high boost could really raise the Z to whole new level!! What do you think?

Features? Which of the two has better features? (State the features you like)

Crash Testing? I didnt find crash testing scores for the STi, just the scores for the 2.5RS that was tested. Is that good enough? The Z seems to have good scores.

Insurance? Which of the two would have higher insurance for say a 22yr old with a clean record?

Lets try to have some discussion going people.

posted by  importluva

Iono man, for some reason its just like either you like one or the other. Personally I would probably buy the STi for my daily driver. Simply because its a daily driver car(as you allready know). But if I had more that one car I would get the 350Z. I'm starting to see to much Subie nowadays.

My friend has a WRX and he blew the tranny on it within a week of buying it and burnt out his clutch(yeah I know what an idiot). We just spent all last week pulling the tranny out(wich might I add could be comparable to that of a large dog in lenght and a fat man in weight) We did'nt have a tranny jack so we had to lift it out to the truck to junk it. Yea If I never have to do a tranny swap on an AWD car again I'll be happy. And I'm the smaller guy so I gotta balance the tranny on an engine jack while under the car and try not to get crushed..

Its kinda bad, I should torture you importluva with pics of a taken apart Subie. Front Axles on da floor, bolts n nuts all over the place, Vaccum lines taken off the engine, shocks on the ground, wheels all about. Yeah it gets nasty...

posted by  DSMer

He must have raced the hell out of it, poor thing. Those trannies aint that strong, neither is any in any AWD car for that matter. A new one must cost a fortune...

posted by  importluva

Hes a lucky sob, one of his buddies owns a WRX had an extra tranny that he got from a wrecked car and thought it would be useful to have just in case. Sold it to him for 1200.

posted by  DSMer

Thats quite a deal. And i suppose you all will install it, so no charges there.

posted by  importluva

Yes, right after I break his legs for collateral. :laughing: . No I did it for the experience.

posted by  DSMer

*Cough, cough* Look at name *cough*

Actually I am going to take this (somewat) unbiased, and with points!
Power: STi (5 pts for STi)
Comfort: STi aint bad, but for a daily driver: Z (5 pts for Z)
MPG: STi aint that bad, but Z (5 pts for Z)
Dependibility: both are great.... but STi (5 pts for STi)
N/A vs Turbo: STi I think could have one (the WRX can) I would do a supercharger before a turbo, but the Turbo would go to the STi, it is not as much a daily driver as a Z (5 pts for STi)
Mod Potential: STi.... the Z is a daily driver (5 pts for STi)
Features: the STi has features for the racer, the Z has it for the daily drivers... tie (5 for STi, 5 for Z)
Crash Testing: both are good, but the Z is more of a daily driver, so can have more safety features than the STi (5 for Z)

End result: 25 STi, 20 Z... STi wins.

The STi then...

:2cents: :2cents: :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

Thanks STiman for approaching this matter in the manner i requested. Now, if you could clarify a few doubts:

Dependibility: both are great.... but STi (5 pts for STi)

How did you decide that the STi is better in this category?

N/A vs Turbo: STi I think could have one (the WRX can) I would do a supercharger before a turbo, but the Turbo would go to the STi, it is not as much a daily driver as a Z (5 pts for STi)

I was questioning whether it is better to have a turbo or N/A. In other words, list the advantages and disadvantages of each. Also, the Z can always be Turbo'd later, so i was wondering if its better to go with N/A.

Mod Potential: STi.... the Z is a daily driver (5 pts for STi)

What are your thoughts on the possibility of the Z's mod potential in the future? After all, it does have 2 more cyl and more displacement...

posted by  importluva

Both are exceptional cars but if I had to choose I would go with the Z mainly because i've been in love with "z" series' Nissans ever since the early '90's. Of course the sti has more power and better handling but the Z, with the right mods from Stillen among others, can be in the same league with z06's, vipers, etc.

posted by  Solar

Your Question1: the STi is a slightly older car then the Z, so they have more of the troubles worked out of it.
Your Question2:
General Pluses/ Minuses of Turbos vs. N/A:
+ Turbo: Raw acceleration (sp?) bonus
- Turbo: Decreases driveability in daily drivers
+N/A: You can put in a supercharger
- N/A: It is Naturally Aspirated... not too powerful on average
Your Question3: I just think of a Z as a daily driver... not the type that one sees out on the strip every night... it could get something in the future when they make a new model... but for now the STi dominates in this area between the two...


posted by  StiMan

im going with the Z..... mainly cuz its a well known factor that Nissan's can challenge Toyota's in durability and dependability (a bitch slap for whomever disagrees). also, i am quite sure those Z's will get alot of power sucked out of them soon, just need to wait for the aftermarket to grow and for tuners to finish their projects.

the sti has the advantage of being a 4 door, so u can just tell ur wife, "but hun, it even has space for the baby!", while for the Z, "you or junior could always go in the trunk, how bout that?"

also, for the strong disadvantage that the Z has set due to the sti's AWD and probably better tuned suspension, gear ratios, and more power, the Z can still match up in tracks and such (circuit, not DSMer's favorite street passtime).

IMO, the Z has alot more potential than the STi, its just a matter of time till proof appears. the STi is for the family man, while the Z is for those guys that are married but aint expecting any kids soon (i dont see it as a young person's car, it looks more suitable for guys in their middle 20's to early 30's).

posted by  Inygknok

...ok, NA cars are not generally weaker. NA cars are actually better on courses with more turns. The Turbo Lag from cars w/ superchargers is really annoying and slows down the exit and the cornering speeds. While the NA cars with similiar power can take turns at slightly higher speeds and their exit speeds are around the same. But the Turbo is better on straightaways, but Turbo Lag is just too big a disadvantage. And the Z can only have so much boost, i think the biggest turbo you can put in a Z is 10psi, this is without going over the Manufacturer's recommended limit. Not nearly as large a turbo as in the Evo or STi. I would go with the Z, instead of the STi. Because in Vancouver, we see STi's everywhere. I guess the lack of the Evo in Canada has encouraged buyers to buy STi's instead. And the Z is just so much nice inside. Leather seating compared to cheap "sport fabric." At least, when you sit in the Z you feel what you paid for. I know the Sti is like the Evo, you pay for the performance, not the looks or the interior. But with the Z you get both looks and performance.

Anyways, that is my :2cents:

posted by  aerith

Thanks guys for your input. The Z is the winner for me, it simply shines above the STi in the categories listed above. The Z is a better blend of performance, visual attractiveness, mod potential, ride quality, and fit and finish. The Z is KING! :wink2:

PS. This doesn't mean i will stop supporting the STi, its still my third choice.

posted by  importluva

if the Z is 1st and STi is 3rd, whats your 2nd bro?

posted by  WeaponR

Well, it's actually the 911 that's #1, then the Z, and finally the STi. But, the 911 is soo expensive that i'll probably never have the chance to own a new one, only used :ohcrap: . Hence, the Z is the king, meaning it will be my first major car purchase :wink2:

posted by  importluva

yep, fully understood :thumbs:

i kinda like have the same choices but right now, i would replace the STi with the MR

posted by  WeaponR

I disagree... the Z in my opinion is much more of a family car than a STi... it is much more of a street racer/ rice rocket sort of a vehicle...


posted by  StiMan

I know that NA is better on the turnys and all...
Here one sees a Z a heck of a lot more often then a STi...

posted by  StiMan

importluva! WeaponR! You both were with me back in the beginning backing the STi with our full strengths! :screwy: Am I the only CFer with full support of Subaru Technica International??!? :oops:

posted by  StiMan

Did you just say the Z is a family car? What kinda family do you have? But as far as I'm concerned a family consist of 3 or more people. 1 person can't even fit inside the car, I guess they'll have to ride the trunk huh? Real nice family I can see the love :laughing:

posted by  DSMer

the impreza is a real bity car and the z is a true gt with a true atmospheric engine.

got some torque to the wheels

when the z350 engine is idling (thets how is supose to write it?)
he got torque like the impreza at 5000 rev's i read it on the local newspaper i dont know if its true.

posted by  ILdriver

The car is much easier (in the sense of much less hp etc at the wheels) to driver than a STI because the Z is much more of a relaxed driver car. That is what I meant by a family car... the fact that it is most certainly not the single man crazy fast driver kind of car that the STI is... Thats wat I meant.


posted by  StiMan

I think that would be more properly referred to as driveablity right?. I don't think WHP has anything to do with the cars ability to house a family. Driveability is more driver orientated. Although I can't speak much for the Z's driveability never test drove one.

posted by  DSMer

In my opinion the Z is much more of a car with a person who has a family, i.e. is older than the average person who has and STi...

posted by  StiMan

well STiMan, new cars are comin' out every year and you have to move on. i still like the STi but i prefer the Evo VIII MR over it now cos it's a better car.

if Subaru was to develop an Impreza this year which would overpower the MR, i'd be with the Impreza, again :wink2: . i mean it's not like sport where you can only support one team or one player in some cases, this is cars and with cars, the better car gets the credit and backin'. Understood?

till Subaru doesn't bring out an Impreza which can overpower the MR, im goin' to say the MR is better than the Impreza.

as with the Z and the Impreza, i like the Z cos there's just something about it which gets me thinkin'.....jk :laughing: no i just think that within a couple of months when the aftermarket has grown a little for it, more aftermarket parts are goin' to be comin' out and i got this gut feelin' that it's goin' to put out more power than the Sti.

the first Z i ever saw was the Konig show car. :thumbs: the second one was GReddy's i think

posted by  WeaponR

cars with turbochargers... just thought i would correct ya.... turbo lag is for those with turbochargers.

ROFL! :laughing:

posted by  Inygknok

I see... we dont have the MR here...

posted by  StiMan

you don't? thats ashame cos the MR is a beast of a car!

there's a company out here that's like responsible for the FQ upgrades for the Lancer in the UK and it's got this turbo kit comin' out for the Evo's V, VI, VII and VIII and it takes the car to about 450 hp which makes it FQ-450! now then, you think Subaru goin' to do sumtin' about that? :wink2:

posted by  WeaponR

Yes the FQ is a beast, but this is Z vs STi :banghead:

posted by  DSMer

i think we know DSMer. i don't remember any one sayin' that we can't go a little of topic...btw, i only mentioned it cos it fitted in with what i had to say or else i wouldn't have mentioned it.

posted by  WeaponR

Im still with you man. The STi is still one of my favorites, but for my priorities, the Z fits best.

Im not sure what you read is correct. The STi is a torque beast with power in any rpm range and any gear. It has more oomph than the Z.

We dont yet, but we will real soon. I've even heard that some are on the streets already.They may already be out.

posted by  importluva

definatley the STi of the start but top end not really sure depends about the dirver aswell :ticking:

posted by  87TurboII


posted by  StiMan

The STI. :clap:

If i wanted a Z id buy an audi TT

posted by  Lukaz

Isn't there kinda of a large price difference between the two? I say they are two different class.
Nissan Z350 Coupe: $26,500
Audi TT Coupe: $35,770

I think the Z is better looking but the WRX STi is just a better car with more power and utility. But the STi is a bit more expensive. $31,120.

posted by  zipper

actually i was considering a well equipped touring 6spd. Z w/ side airbags-$34k
the sti well equipped ran about $32k.

im not a fan of the TT at all, i think it looks ugly...

posted by  importluva

I don't see how you could not like the TT and like the visual aspects of a Z33? They have basicly the same curves and countours, would'nt you agree?

posted by  DSMer

I chose the Impreza.....sorry if I missed some important info...I just kinda jumped in here lol :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Well its not just the exterior design, TT costs a lot more than the Z when similarly equipped, is heavier and has less hp/tq at the crank, and is either FWD or AWD. If i wanted AWD it'd be better to go with the G35 or Evo/STi and spend less.

Besides, the TT in no way looks as good as the Z, it looks like a cotton ball.

http://a138.g.akamai.net/n/138/3538/20030722064707/www.cars.com/stock/350x2 33/233857.jpg

posted by  importluva

Cliffy, glad to see you are still around.

If you had read though the first few posts you would have seen the analysis i was looking for before deciding on a winner. But no matter, no one except Stiman took the time to do it.

posted by  importluva

Comeon folks! Who else wants to join the STi fanclub?!?!

posted by  StiMan

i could make us all a logo on photoshop which we could put in our sigs. host on to my image place which i just made recently. what do u think STiMan and VP;Importluva?

be kinda cool i think

EDIT*- thats for the STi Fanclub only guys :thumbs:

posted by  WeaponR

i should make a damn Supra fan club then :P

posted by  Inygknok

PM us the link once you've uploaded it to your site.

posted by  importluva

copycat :badrazz: :asshake: :tomato:

posted by  importluva

well i was askin' thats it

looks like it's ok with you. i do need ideas you know lol....any offers?

and to help stop people from stealin' and sayin' they a member too, i'd make indvidual ones with the name and postion of the member. what do you think?

posted by  WeaponR

Thanks again!

posted by  StiMan

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